Friday, 27 January 2012

Peace and light

 Every now and then I have this URGENT need for peace and tranquillity.  Today, for example.  So I have temporarily signed out of life and am reading a book.

Yesterday Susanna came to see me and we spent a couple of happy hours talking at the fireside.   As well as the honey, she brought me a gift of a most beautiful wall-hanging candelabra.  

On the one-in-two-out principle, two pictures went.  This is what it looks like lit at night :0)  Thank you, Susanna!

365 Day 27 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

 This is a doll’s house size tool kit, final remnant of paraphernalia associated with the creation of Taking the Tide of Love.  I’m not sure who to give it to.  Do you want it? 


Deborah said...

Yes please if you don't mind sending it up to Durham please Pen :-)


maria said...

Oh Ember...what a lovely gift! and lit up is just beautiful :-)


Ember said...

:0) Hi Maria! x

Deborah, write another comment here with your full name and postal address on and hit send. It can't publish here without first coming into my email inbox. I won't publish it, I'll just take your name and address from it, and pop the little box in the post to you.

Ember said...

Oh, it's YOU!
THAT Deborah! Hiya! :0D
Will have it in the post to you Monday.

Deborah said...

LOL, Hiya...Yes, it's ME! Thank you :-)

I've just sobbed my way through your story of Plain trolls! It was awesome, I now want to be a Plain Troll with pink hair :-D

Ember said...