Monday, 12 September 2016

My 2017 quiet days at Penhurst

I thought it might be good to let you know in advance the quiet days I’m leading at Penhurst in 2017, to give you time to make arrangements if you’d like to be there.

I wholeheartedly recommend you stay the night before or after (or both) because it’s as hospitable as it is beautiful. As soon as you arrive it feels like coming home.

It’s been just such a delight to meet people who have become friends through the blog here – the connection and sense of kindred is real and profound.

So, next year this is what I’m doing:

All mine are quiet days, running from 10.00am – 4.00pm ~ click on the headings for links to the relevant web page  I couldn't make the links come up in red as I usually do; Google Blogger sulking.

Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Jesus said, "You cannot become my disciple without giving up everything you own." A quiet day exploring minimalism, voluntary poverty and the discipline of simplicity.
We will look at the challenge to a life of radical simplicity offered by Jesus; 
the spiritual power of living with minimal possessions; 
the social and ecological impact of living simply; 
and the exciting possibilities of grace (or gift) economy, reviewing our relationship with money. 

This day is for people already convinced of the need to commit to a path of simplicity and at least seriously considering voluntary poverty. 

We will be sharing our experiences of what it means to take this path, and exploring how to deepen our faithfulness in this area of discipleship.

Wednesday 19th July 2017
For people living with with hyper-sensitivity, low energy, or issues of a-typical neurology.

Thinking about sources of energy and finding a balance that works for us. Exploring the value of silence, solitude and simplicity as sources of calm, and sharing what we have found useful in helping us live fully and effectively.

This isn’t any kind of clinical information event – it’s a chance for those of us who struggle daily with such issues to put our heads together and share what helps and strengthens us, as well as considering how these matters have contributed towards shaping our spirituality.

Wednesday 18th October 2017
Exploring the spirituality of relinquishment.

Loss and bereavement, loneliness, depression and grief, can be experienced as being plunged into darkness. We will work with the text in Isaiah 45.3 "I will give you treasures of darkness and riches hidden in mystery", to consider the experience of darkness as a place of nurture and growth of new life; the child in the womb, the seed in the earth, the restfulness of the house at night lit only by the moon. 

We'll consider what it might mean to "turn out the lights" as renunciation or withdrawal - from the glare of footlights, city lights, searchlights, into the quietness of twilight and starlight. 

"Turning out the lights" as we age, accepting increasing limitations and retirement. 

"Turning out the lights" as we live with the dismay of broken promises or broken relationships, learning to find our night vision as we make the journey of faith without even a torch in our hands. 

There are lots of other retreats and quiet days too – if you don’t fancy one of mine, there’s a big selection to choose from, and a long run of dates right through from now to the end of 2017. The programme is here.

 Photo at the top by Philippa Linton, taken at our "Coming Home" quiet day this last week.


Terra Hangen said...

The location looks very restful and peaceful and a great setting for your quiet retreats.

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh yes - it's a very special place; people always come back. x