Saturday, 14 November 2009

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Prosperity and acclaim with integrity are found through perseverance and specialisation.


Ganeida said...

Don't get brain strain with all these thoughts, now.☺

I take it even having ditched all your possessions & given to the poor that moving house is time consuming, exhausting & fraught. Must be almost done?

KathyBaker24 said...

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Pen Wilcock said...

Ganeida - our new house has a leaky roof and many repairs needing doing! We moved quick & easy with one medium-sized van, but for a few weeks the new home will be a bit of a building site! So far we have replaced the broken ceiling in the kitchen, scraped the 1970's torn and unfinsihed wall-papering off the walls around the passages and stairs, painted and carpeted bedrooms, and removed a big non-functioning ornate fireplace and its resident gas fire. Today scaffolding is going up for mending the roof, and between now and New Year the chimneys are to be swept, one fireplace mended for use, the one where the gas fire was ripped out in having a hearth made and a woodstove fitted. After all that's done we shall run out of money, which will create a welcome break!!! :0D

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Kathy - I haven't ever thought about selling ad-space on this blog. I'm happy to wave a little flag for your nice website, but don't really want to be tied down by selling space - so what I've done is put a link up at the top to one of the rooms you designed that I especially liked. Hope that helps! I'll leave it up there for a while. :0)