Tuesday, 26 January 2010

"Creation" by Hebe Wilcock


Julie B. said...

Why is this young woman not illustrating books? Or maybe she is. I loved this drawing and would like to see more. Thank you for sharing, and tell Hebe I think she's brilliant.

Pen Wilcock said...


Yes, we all think she's brilliant - but so far the publishers we had contact with sadly didn't seem to get it.

Rita said...

Dear Penelope, I'm writing on this blog because it is the only way I know to contact you. I've just read "Learning to let go" and found it great, but if I may make a suggestion for a reprint? Please include advice to people on how to find alternative homes for their pets when they go into residential care? The pages on "Violet" was beautiful but I felt so sad because nothing was said about what happened to her beloved cats except that she had to "leave them behind! Pets deserve more than this.