Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Aha! Fab aprons!

Often on Facebook, when an apron pic comes along, a whole bunch of ladies want to know where either the apron or the pattern comes from.

Especially there's a kind of Amish apron that ladies have been very interested in.

The Scarlet Thread has some beautiful garments (I love her flannel nightdress with the graceful curve to the yoke), and she has some really nice aprons.  her calico apron with the criss-cross back is lovely - and it's a slip-on one, which is always a plus.

Her country apron is the same design as the Amish one people are always wanting to know how to source.


Lynda said...

I have a similar crossover apron pattern - Simplicity Daisy Kingdom Apron Pattern 5201

Trish said...

I love their designs. I featured the lovely Scarlet Thread ladies on my blog a couple of months ago :-)
Beautiful women who create beautiful clothes!
The cross-over apron is fabulous - practical and pretty.
grace & joy..Trish

Mim said...

I luv aprons :)
I've made two, one of which I dirtied so (I made it out of an old white sheet) that I dyed it brown a few weeks ago...I'll try to post some pics this week :)
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Bean said...

I love the red apron, it looks so comfortable.

seekingmyLord said...

Lovely aprons. I know just who would love to see them also!

Pen Wilcock said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ember, I have made the crisscross apron and it is easy to make and to wear.

Aprons are the final touch to my dresses :)

To answer your question about flannel, you need to wear a slip made of another fabric that keeps the flannel down. I wore a long skirt that was made with wool. This kept the static to a minimum and it did not allow the flannel to bunch up when walking. By itself, I don't recommend...You have to add another fabric that is heavier.

Thank you for your lovely comment dear friend...you were my inspiration for my sewing Ember - Thanks! :)


Flo Fflach said...

cross over apron looks interesting. but lot of fabric. lower ones need to come bit further round over "rear end"! I spend most of my time wearing old, that is second hand pinafore aprons, practical coverall

Flo Fflach said...

like the scarlet link - hannah apron very practical...interesting to see what I call a pinafore called a jumper!

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Maria, Hi Flo!

Ha! Yes! Pinafores and jumpers - first came across 'jumper' meaning pinafore in a novel, and spent ages puzzling about why this woman was wearing a jumper *and* a sweater and apparently no skirt!

The Scarlet Thread said...

Thank you so very much for posting our aprons on your blog! : )

In Jesus,

Pen Wilcock said...


Michelle-ozark crafter said...


Pen Wilcock said...

They are, aren't they? Hope today's a better day for you, Michelle. x

clevsea said...

I have ordered from this company many times and their work is the very best.

Usually I sew my own clothing and yet I find that Taylor's Scarlett Thread is well worth ordering from.

They are great to work with. Good prices and quick delivery.

I ordered their shawl a few years ago and I still love it.

All of their clothes wear well. I'm wearing one of their pieces right now.

I really like them. They are very trustworthy.

Thanks Ember for letting so many ladies know.

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh! Thanks, Clevsea! It's always really helpful to have a personal recommendation. I am very proud of our sewing ladies online, faithful seamstresses like Dorcas who serve the Lord with love and work so industriously, making modest and lovely garments. They are a beautiful witness. And they support our witness too, not only in modesty, but in support of fair trade and small family business in making our purchases. God bless the seamstresses!

clevsea said...

Yes Ember---the labour laws in some of the countries that make our clothing is not very kind or loving.

Little children pick the cotton in India because they have little fingers.

Many in the USA want to buy "ready-made" clothes at super low prices. All the while they want to be paid $40.00 or $50.00 an hour for what they do.

It's little bit like slavery.

I agree with what you said.

The Lord's blessings on you and your work.

Anonymous said...

I have the tie-in-back apron, a bit shorter, from a vintage ragbag. I wear it all the time; it has little green roses and squares on it and my husband calls it "my granny's pinny." I am going to draft a pattern from it soon and make it in solid colours and a longer length; the Lancaster County girls favour this style for work at home.It is more practical than getting into the cape and apron everyday.

Pen Wilcock said...


Ganeida said...

Love the red in the scarlet pinny ~ & I'm not usually a red fancier. That is lovely though & looks so comfy.

Pen Wilcock said...

Yes, me too! It's so pretty and cheerful :0)