Monday, 29 August 2011

From Beth's blog

From time to time I like to catch up with what y'all have been up to, and I take a little cruise through the 'Blogs I Love Visiting' listed down in the side-bar there.

Today I really enjoyed reading this post about going beyond our usual grazing pastures to enrich our faith in unfrequented territories.  It's from the new blog 12 Steps To Church; at the present time (maybe because it's so new?) I am having trouble fixing the link in the sidebar list, but I'll try again in a day or two.

And I took a while to reflect on what Julie had said about real, inner beauty here.

Then I read about Beth's delicious tomatoes, and shared her family walk at the streamside on the post that had this utterly fabdoodle pic:

Don't you just love them? And do you notice, beard/no-beard - they have the same smile!  That is so cool!  Thanks, Beth! 


BLD in MT said...

You know that I love them! But, I am glad you love them too! Thanks for sharing my blog/family with your other readers.

Ember said...

:0) Thanks, Beth! x

Julie B. said...

Thank you from me too, Ember. I think it's an honor to be even mentioned on my favorite author's blog. :O

I enjoyed perusing Beth's blog too, and will come back to visit again!

Ember said...

:0) Hi honey. Waving! x