Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Leo Babauta again.

I'm with him on this.


Julie B. said...

That kind of Christmas sounds like heaven to me. So wise and freeing.

Pen Wilcock said...

Me too. x

paula said...


With the new baby in our family, this might be the year to say that only the baby gets anything. The parents are always having to replenish and replace.

Pen Wilcock said...

We decided just to unhitch Christmas from presents. So through the year we do occasionally buy each other presents - for example yesterday I bought my grandson a new sweater as his clothes are getting a bit tight. I got it from a lady who has started up a shop selling the work of local crafts-people. I think it's important (if we can afford to!) to support local small businesses and buy their wares - much better than giving to charities to help them because they are destitute now their business has failed through everyone being too frugal to support it!! But we give presents now just for the joy of it, or because one of us needs something - and we have cut the connection between presents and Christmas.
It was hard to decide what to do about the baby of the family (my grandson); but we decided in the end that if he grew up without any expectation of receiving presents in our house at Christmas, it would make things easier. We shall still make sure he has fun, with games and carols and sweets and oranges and fireside stories when he visits with us at Christmas!

Donna said...

I get it. I do. But you see, I've recently discovered Waldorf education. And with it, playsilks and Stockmar crayons and books of beautifully illustrated fairy tales. I am also temporarily rich. So, until I've honed my collection of silkworms and bees, and while I have the means, I'm going to buy absolutely everything for my children and hopefully still be enjoying the goodies throughout the more frugal winters to come!

Also, thank you for the mushroom book, it's hugely fascinating!

Also also, on the subject of Christmas shopping and temporary wealth, would you rather I bought some of your books on Amazon, or directly from you? Is either beneficial?

Pen Wilcock said...


Oh those WONDERFUL Waldorf things! Have you been to the Advent craft fair at Michael Hall School in Forest Row?

It's on THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

See details here:

or see here (see under 'upcoming events' on the right there)

Re my books - I have a stash if you need a copy/copies at short notice, but Amazon is best cos it increases sales. I have Book 7 sitting at the publisher waiting for a yea or nay on publishing - they love the book, but it will all hang on the sales of Books 4,5 & 6.
The copies I have I have bought already (obviously), so I tend to give them away or just sell them on to folk who can't cope with Amazon.

Thank you so much for buying it!

x :0)

Donna said...

OK, Amazon it is. And I am very tempted by the Advent craft fair - Ali's off on Saturday, and I could stop by the shop that sells raw milk while I'm there. I sense my temporary wealth becoming more temporary by the minute, oh dear! Sorry for thwarting your thread (and I really do agree with you, really)!

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh, Donna, do go the fair at Michael Hall if you possibly can. We only went one year, but it was really good!
Temporary wealth - it is seed you are sowing! :0)

Donna said...

Update: We went to the Advent Fair, and it was utterly amazing! The highlight was a beautiful puppet show giving a gnome's view of the Christmas story.
There was so much to do (and things to pay for), so next year I hope to go again with a budget, a plan, and a little more time.
The Plaw Hatch Farm people had a stall there, and the only downer was that after getting excited and paying for lots of milk, I completely forgot to take it home with me. Grr. Oh well, I donated to their cause, I suppose.
Anyway, thanks for letting me know it was on, it was a really worthwhile day!
If you get this message twice, don't thank me, thank Blogger.

Pen Wilcock said...

Hooray! Let's get organised, save up some spending money, and all go in a mini-bus next year!

By the way, I have sent for a film that looks really good - plan to show it to a few people one evening when it comes if you fancy seeing it. Here: -