Friday, 20 January 2012


White lace-edged waves on a pewter sea, languid light seeping across the azure spread of sky behind a panorama of storm grey cloud.  So beautiful.  I am grateful right to the middle of me that I live close by the ocean.


365 Day 20 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

A pair of trousers.  They are nice and I like them.  I have quite a few things I like that need to go.  Sometimes friends with cluttered homes explain to me that they like their things, and the lack of storage space means that their homes have to be cluttered.  Yes, I see what they mean.  I like things, but I like space better.


Anonymous said...

I am not liking cluttered much like you, I'm letting go of so much.


Ember said...

:0) Freedom

Rapunzel said...

Nearly as far back as I can remember my mum "needed a bigger house".
I definitely like space better.

Space is easier to clean than stuff too.

Ember said...

I so agree with you on that, Rapunzel - sweeping a room is a peaceful, pleasing meditative thing to do - unless that room is all cluttered in which case the task becomes anything from frustrating to impossible!

Tess Giles Marshall said...

This is a really good point. I'm not yet at the stage of letting go of things I like (except for a few books, which is always a problem for me!).
Which is interesting because it means over the past few months I've got rid of loads of stuff that was in my house but I didn't really like it. How crazy is that?
BTW thanks for your comment on my latest post. I replied letting you know I love your book on simplicity and actually reviewed it a while back! :-)

Ember said...

:0) Thanks Tess - I'm so enjoying Pilgrim's Moon!

Ember said...

Tess, I'm having trouble getting into Pilgrim's Moon at all. I've tried a number of routes in but keep getting a notice telling me the domain name has expired :0\