Thursday, 21 March 2013

"I will meet you in the morning"

I don’t know however it came about that I have not posted this song here before.  I was sure I put it up somewhere, but apparently not.  On Facebook instead, perhaps?

Anyway, the song – well I could listen to it over and over and over.  There’s something in it that satisfies my soul.

And if I did already post it here but just couldn’t find it, so that you’ve already seen and heard it, well maybe you’ll enjoy to listen again.

I love everything about this video – everything.  The beautiful ladies, their stillness, their seriousness, their unassuming humility and unpretentious way of singing.  

Well then, without more ado; “I will meet you in the morning”:

Thanks so much to Michelle for rooting through her archives to find it again for me, and for introducing me to it in the first place.  A glimpse of heaven.


Pilgrim said...

That is a great song.
I spent two years in the Canadian bush with conservative Mennonites, some of whom dressed in this style. (I grew up Mennonite, but not this conservative. I had a few relatives were.)
One song I remember loving up there, "I Need the Prayers of Those I Love." I had heard it before, but it was sung so heartfelt, up there.
I would love to write about that time, but had to give it some space for healing, now I'm losing my memory. :-)

(I will have to listen to the songs on a device that has sound. Can't get it to work on this computer.)

Ember said...

Can't find a Mennonite choir,but here's I Need the Prayers of Those I Love:


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I enjoyed finding and listening to it again myself!

Ember said...

:0) x

margaret said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! this is lovely. I have listened to it ten times so far.

Ember said...

I know! Me too - I feel like I could never get enough of it! x

Hawthorne said...

Beautiful! Simple and beautiful! x x

Ember said...

Yes - lovely, isn't it!