Thursday, 5 June 2014


When I was fifteen and had not known the Lord Jesus for myself very long, but had great joy and faith in him, I asked him for a gift.

I asked to be a seer. That’s another name for a prophet, traditionally, but to me there’s a different nuance.

The word ‘prophet’ came into the English language in the Middle Ages from the Old French prophete. That arrived in France via Latin from the Greek prophētēs, which means ‘spokesman’, from pro ‘before’ + phētēs ‘speaker’ (from phēnai ‘speak’). ‘Before-speaking’ is obviously the same as ‘fore-telling’. So a prophet will either see ahead, or see deeply enough into present reality to identify in today the seeds of what will flower/fruit tomorrow.

Therefore seeing is an important component to being a prophet, but the foot falls on speaking. Speaking out is the essential task. Or maybe to be entirely accurate, there is an outbreath to prophecy, which is the foretelling (or forth-telling); but there’s also an inbreath, which is being called into the presence of God. Without time spent centred on the mystery of God’s presence, the prophet has no source of anything to say.

A seer is a little bit different. A seer may or may not say anything, but sees – notices. I didn’t aspire to any public role of proclamation, but I did want clear eyes to my spirit; so I asked to be a seer.

And in his grace, the Lord Jesus granted my wish. In fact, I can’t think of anything I’ve asked of him that he’s denied me. He is a generous master.

So, as a result, my life’s work has been noticing things. It’s what I do for a living. I notice how things are, and I write down what I’ve seen, in books and articles, and that pays my bills. The thing that people who enjoy my writing always say about it is that it is so real. ‘More real than the Velveteen Rabbit’ is the comment I have stowed in my heart and treasured above all. Where this reality makes it through, it is because of the gift the Lord Jesus gave me; to be a seer.

There’s a necessary discipline attached to noticing things. If life is cluttered and busy with a hectic environment and lots going on, it’s possible to notice only the loud and obvious. To notice the small and subtle, it’s necessary to get quiet and solitary and still. So that’s what I do.

I am always excited when I notice something new; when a thing comes to my attention that I’d entirely overlooked before – and that happened this morning.
As you know if you read here often, I think a lot about nutrition and health, about de-toxing and clarity of being; and I live in a shared house with four other adults.

Today I noticed something.

When we eat, we derive energy from food – calories, fuel, stuff to keep us going and build up our cells and give us strength for the day. Our food energises us. Without food we get weak and tired and eventually sick and, after a long time, dead.

In the morning, as we casually and intermittently happen to convene in the kitchen getting our juices and oatmeal and whatnot for breakfast, I often ask people what they will be doing today. What I really want to know (I realized today) is, will they be at home or working elsewhere.

Some days Alice and Hebe work at home (at the moment, for example, Alice is working in the studio here on a commission for a painted and gilded mirror), other days they will be going out (most days Hebe and often both of them go to the stonemasonry just over a mile away where they design and cut images and lettering for headstones). Fi is mostly based at home (as I am), but has tracts of time when she is away on other adventures or out at a recording studio for her work as a musician. The Badger is away in Oxford, three hours’ drive up-country, for half the week.

This morning I noticed something going on in my psyche that made my enquiry, as to where household members would be based that day, more important than just friendly interest.

To be a seer, when you notice something you have to pay attention to it, or it will slip out of the grasp of your noticing Eye, much as a dream fades and is forgotten if you don’t write it down after you wake up with it still vivid in your mind.

So, my attention caught, I looked carefully at the small soul movement I had detected, and realized something. I actually derive energy from the other members of my household – real energy, just the same as I get energy from food. When we are together here in this house, it’s like being fed small nutritious snacks all day long. Their vibrational presence constantly tops up my energy. When they are out, that energy is unavailable. So it helps to know in advance who’s in and who’s out, so I know if I am feasting or fasting today, and can be aligned with that expectation in my inner being.

I had never noticed this before. There are some people who drain my energy so much I feel quite desperate; I have to steady myself to wait patiently to get out of the sphere of their aura, not screaming or saying anything rude but just firmly disentangling from the strong urgent sucking of their spirit.  My family is not like that. They are strong, clear souls who know how to stand balanced in their own space and keep focus. Being alongside them is peaceful and calming. They run like a mountain stream. I feel very privileged to live with them.

I was enabled to notice this today because I have been clearing, clearing, clearing; getting my life and being more streamlined, more prepared. I met with a friend (another seer) earlier this week – we meet up every few months to compare notes. What she is hearing is ‘Time is short’. What I am hearing is ‘Not long now’. Neither of us knows what imminent thing life is telling us about, but given the latest findings on climate change, I do wonder if what we are sensing is more than just personal. Whatever it is, I know that the best way to be ready for the unknown is clarity and simplicity. Travelling light, both internally and externally, gives the maximum flexibility and responsive choice. ‘Problems arise where things accumulate’*, so in my body, possessions, schedule, commitments and mind, I have been continuing to clear, clear, clear, in the hope of being the best seer I can be, as well as available, calm and compassionate as and when required.

Something else that came before my attention today stopped me in my tracks, as my soul whispered ‘Yes’: 


*Quote: Toinette Lippe Nothing Left Over


Julie B. said...

I have noticed the same thing about people. My husband, as tough as it is to care for him as his Parkinson's advances, is one who gives energy and strength -- he is a heartening man. Me, not so much. Bleh.

I am glad your loved ones give so much to your life, Ember. You are blessed in that way.

And I think time is short too, even on a global scale, but I can't go there. You understand. xoxo

Pen Wilcock said...

You not so much? But Michael, for all his strength, wanted to come home because with you he feels safe. Sounds like a two-way flow to me. xx

Nearly Martha said...

I agree there is an energy that comes from some people. Head of House and my kids certainly do that for me.
On a different subject. This is the second time you have done this to me. Once in The Road of Blessing and now in this post. It's about asking God for something. There is a person I want to be - I can almost see her in my mind sometimes. It's not from dissatisfaction with myself. It's just a sort of pull. (This is badly expressed) but it seems that I just ask God. Just wanted to encourage you

Pen Wilcock said...

Hmm. If 'twere me, I'd make a formal request of the Almighty. I'd write it down, to get my ideas straight - *exactly* what I'm asking for, formally requesting it of the Lord God in the Name of Jesus, and put it on my altar, revisiting it every now and then to remind both him and me, updating it with thanks as it becomes true.
It's also important to remember that you have to embody (in speech and action) truth to see miracles. The universe works with your alignments. So if you say you want to be one thing but act like you want to be another, you confuse the Way Things Are, effectively stopping life energy from getting behind your petition. When you live and work for what you pray for, there's nothing to stop it going through.

rebecca said...

Pondering all this. Recognizing and receiving the "seer" part of you. You have been faithful to "forth-tell" in this post, couching it in the most kindly manner. My task today is to not just RECEIVE but RESPOND. Implement what I have received.

gail said...

I feel change as well. I cannot put it as eloquently as you, but I know the word for me has been for the last 12 months or so "prepare'! Letting go of the unnecessary to make room for this new way of being. ''Time is short'' and "Not long now" is just another confirmation for me. My loved ones are on planes of their own, but every now and then we are brought to a common place of understanding and hearts are opened to questioning and that is very special. My beloved has his feet and faith firmly planted on solid ground and whilst I feel like a kite flying in the wind wanting to rise higher and higher I feel safe it the knowledge that he holds the cord that can pull me back down to solid ground when I need it. I am blessed that I have been given a man who understands that I need to know more. I have not come to that place of drawing energy from others but I certainly understand about the excitement of noticing somethings new that I'd not noticed before. Usually it's subtle and easily miss if I'm not careful so I'm learning to take note. Forgive me if I have gabbled on and if it makes sense to no one but me but you words have touched something in me that
needs to be meditated on. Thanks Pen
Blessings Gail

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi friends

:0) xx

AbiSomeone said...

Always so thought-provoking, Pen! :)

I totally resonate (small pun intended) with your ideas about people's energy "feeding" or "starving" you.

It is always interesting to see what God really means in these words of insight. Not much time... until what? I, like you, look forward to my "wings" ... change is not always bad, even when it takes the form of catastrophic change. We see through a glass darkly -- I suppose it is the same even for "seers" ... maybe just not so darkly that you can't glimpse an image, eh?

I trust that God continues to be at work making his will knows and manifest throughout creation. It is a bit of peace and comfort even in the midst of upheaval.

Be blessed, sweet seer!

Pen Wilcock said...

Yes, I find the "Until what?" tantalising and unsettling. The only response I can think of is like the servants in the parable Jesus told, at their post ready and waiting for the Master's return. To do the soul work, hold to the centre, and chuck out as much ballast as possible. xx

gretchen said...

pen, you are a blessed and gifted seer. you are also a prophet because you write words that bless and guide your readers. there have been so many moments when i have read your books or your blog, caught my breath and stopped to ponder, pray and give thanks. thank you for sharing your gifts!

Pen Wilcock said...

What a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. xx