Sunday, 19 April 2015

Copies of The Breath Of Peace

When The Breath of Peace came out – Book 7 in The Hawk & The Dove series – the (UK) Jesus Army bought some copies for their bookshop, as not all their folk can get books from Amazon.

I do believe they may still have some in stock, if some of you are still trying unsuccessfully to get hold of it.

I’ve had a chat with my publisher, and he says for one reason or another they cannot bring forward the publication date to late 2015, so the new edition won’t be available until the spring of next year, 2016.

Until then, it can’t be got anywhere, so if the Jesus Army still have any in stock, those are the last ones.


I ordered a copy, and though I had a bit of trouble because the website would have no truck with Paypal, I did manage to put an order through on my regular debit card - so presumably there are still some in stock.

Happy shopping! xx

*        *        *

Oh! Whoop! Whoop! They also have copies of all the others! Books 4-6 are coming up for ludicrous prices from second-hand sellers now they're out of print - so the Jesus Army bookshop is the place to head for!

Meanwhile, you can get the new editions of Books 4-6 now on Kindle at Amazon - it's just the paper copies we have to wait for. And of course, the new editions of Books 1-3 are all out and available on Amazon (try Amazon UK if they aren't yet through stateside).


Julie B. said...

I was so glad to get an email from amazon yesterday telling me books one and two had shipped. I'm looking forward to seeing the new covers -- they look beautiful online. You know I always keep a supply if I can, to give as gifts! xoxo

Pen Wilcock said...

You are a darling xx I'm astonished that you're even thinking about this at a time when you have so much sadness and deep loss to process. Thank you so much. xx