Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Life and death

Today, Heidemarie Schwermer died – in a peaceful and loving environment after a long illness, her family says. So, a light has gone out in the world. What a patiently courageous example she offered us. A life after the pattern of Jesus; simplicity, voluntary poverty, a template of sharing and trusting. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

As I grow older and tireder, as I contemplate the politics of the modern world – audaciously ruthless, violent, shamelessly greedy, cruel – more urgently every day presses upon me the call to simplicity.

I feel very conscious that I am not very far upon the path, that I enjoy security and luxury while frightened people flee from the rubble and terror instigated by my own country, by Western allies, by us.

I feel so acutely aware of how uselessly slow is the progress I make – like the Children of Israel blundering around in circles 40 years. I console myself with the hope that I am here from the journey, that here we have no abiding city; I should not expect to arrive, ever, in this life.

But I wish my life preached better than it does.


karen ferrell said...

Your books preach your life in a profound way! I'm a long ago reader and lover of your writing. My daughter and her daughter are now your readers as well and as a result we discovered your books written after the trilogy. We are so excited to continue the series! Are they best read in order??
We just received Vol. 7 only to discover that there ar still more. Blessings from a fellow poet, karen ferrell awakened hearts see ministry

Ganeida said...

I am finding this world most distressing. Kindness & manners seem to be a thing of the past.

Anne Booth said...

I think the very fact that you care enough to try at all preaches to me. Thank you. I think you NOT feeling you have got there but carrying on is an encouragement - there are people who blog or write about the success of their simplicity and it discourages or intimidates. So, I think God uses our weakness beautifully - and definitely, you putting yourself out there and writing about how much you love simplicity has made me look at life in a different way. I sit surrounded by things (mainly books and paper) and I can't quite see how to simplify - but at least I know from your blog and life that it is definitely worth thinking about and trying!

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Karen - most definitely they are best read in order - depending to some extent if you mind knowing how the story continues/ends before you begin reading. Reviewers say they work okay as stand-alone, but all seem to agree you get more out of the series if you read it in sequence. I personally would put book 7 by until I'd read 4//5/6. Thank you for dropping by, and for your kindness and encouragement. It means a lot to me. x

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Ganeida - yes, I am quite scared of what's brewing.


JenFarrant KnowingTheLight said...

Your life does preach, extremely strongly. You preach through your words - both here and in your books. Having met you in person your manner and way preaches what your words do too.

I am being baptised on Sunday Pen, and a very large part of that is down to you. You are mentioned in an upcoming blog post of mine and you will have one of your own in my influencers series.

I will not let you say that your life does not preach. Do you hear me? :-) Your life has helped convert this person to Christ.

I am extremely grateful.

Becky Slack said...

I have your book, In Celebration of Simplicity, which I have read over and over..... Has really changed my way of thinking.... Wish I could do more in being simplistic, but living in a home where others do not think the same is hard....thank you for this book....

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Anne - nearly lost your comment - it got muddled up in a Googlemail stack! Thank you for your encouragement; you are a sweetie. x

Pen Wilcock said...


Jen - that is such good news! Blessings on your baptism day! Blessings on the way ahead. x

Becky - I'm so glad you found the simplicity book a help. I know what you mean about shared space - I also live in a shared house, but I am blessed to be in a home where *everyone* is ardent for simplicity/minimalism. I think it's like humming a tune; you just follow in your way and other people pick it up and start humming it too without really noticing themselves doing it. Have you read Marie Kondo's book? I found that a great inspiration. x

Julie B. said...

I wish my life lined up better with what I believe too. Especially for my children and grandchildren.

I think your life has preached quite eloquently. Jesus has used you to help me, Ember.

And there are many of us in the States who are stunned at what is happening. We have much to be ashamed of in our country's history, indeed. I am terribly concerned for what's coming, and must keep reminding myself that God is in control and none of this is surprising Him. Grieving Him deeply, I'm sure. But His love, power and sovereignty will surely steer the ship where He intends it to go, even if divine discipline (severe mercy) is part of the sometimes harrowing journey. :(

And little things, done for Him and others in His strength and love, still matter, and accomplish something.


Pen Wilcock said...

Little things - yes, that's the one! That's the only category I can see myself attempting. I think sometimes of the stories that came out of the concentration camps in WWII - how those who could do little else would share a scrap of bread, or take someone else's place in the line. I know their circumstances were extreme in a way mine are not, but I find inspiration in the choices they made. x

salman soofi said...

She inspired me to paint one of the best paintings of my life

Pen Wilcock said...

Hello, friend.

Is there a place online where we can see that painting?

I googled and found your Facebook page, but no link for the actual painting you mention.