Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Blog post comments and bloggers in general

If your blog is on the roll in my side bar, I read it. You may not know this, because my comments seem to vanish.

At first, I thought it was that people have to accept and post a comment manually, as I do, and haven't checked to see what comments have been left. Then I wondered if I am doing something wrong. Then I concluded I have no idea.

So, just because it's sad for you to feel ignored, here are a couple of my recent observations.

About your adventure in making wallets, Beth — I am amazed at your skills; well done! This is what I posted as a comment (but I think it may have vanished):  
Before I married Tony, I was widowed. My previous husband was Bernard. Before I married him, he was widowed. His previous wife was Anne. She was an artist. A big headache for Bernard was what to do with the numerous paintings Anne left behind. He made really nice frames for all of them, sold as many as he could so her work would be more widely appreciated, got some accepted in an art gallery's permanent collection, and gave some to friends who liked them. But he still had about forty left. In the end, it came to him that the important thing about Anne's work was not the painting but the making, not the 'products' but the skill and joy and creativity and delight. He realised those things could never be lost and would remain part of her life for ever. So he made a bonfire of the paintings.
 About your gardening efforts, Kat — I am so impressed by the determined inroads you made into your exuberant plant growth, delighted by your badger city, and I commented to say that I absolutely love your pond.

But my comments don't always get lost and, whether they do or not, I always enjoy reading your posts. 

Lesley, I follow with breathless fascination the doings of your Aged Parent, and look out for your recommendations of books, TV and films. Somehow, my comments do get through on your blog.

Rose, I hope you're recovering from your sneezes.

Michelle, I'm waiting patiently for photos of the inside of your new home.

Bean, I love reading about your family and your home, and am always curious to know what you've been eating.

Lynda, you are my favourite next door neighbour on the other side of the world. I look up the books you recommend and I love your crocheted blankets.

Rebecca, I fell in love with that vision of blue glass. And this is Rebecca, too.

Julie B, I certainly hope you will be taking some photos at that retreat where you're speaking, and will be letting us know how it went. That retreat is THIS WEEKEND friends — please, if you have a moment, pray for Julie as she prepares and gives her addresses.

San, your stories of home education and faith-filled family life are completely absorbing and make me happy.

Elizabeth, your book reviews are so helpful and have introduced me to writers I didn't know. Ooh, look — this was a good review, wasn't it!

Buzzfloyd, I wish you wrote a blog. I am entirely sure it would be brilliant. And funny. And wise. How could it not be?

I love your blogs, friends. They are my newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penelope
I started a blog several years ago and rapidly lost the info on it, life got horrendous, and it stands dormant as far as I know. I would like to figure out if I can still get into it and do something with it. I need to be careful with things like that due to my professional life and protecting myself. I do have a new website for my work life that is just getting up and running, fairly sparse at the moment, but I will be doing some blogging on it, so that is exciting! I do so enjoy connecting on this blog.

Pen Wilcock said...

Hiya — yes, that is exciting! What's your new website, DMW?

Rachel marsh said...

Yes please, persuade Buzzfloyd to do one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penelope,
My ne website is at

It is currently missing content in a lot of the areas, as life events have overwhelmed me of late. But, here you can see it in the beginning stages and keep checking back if you'd like to see what's been added. There is one blog post on it so far, at least!

Daffs Deliberations said...

Waves hello!
I hope you are well.
I do miss your posts on facebook, but understand the whole social media is rather overwhelming
Very many thanks for the mention, though I do not feel worthy of it!
My blogs rarely get any response and with the demise of Google+ blogging seems a lot quieter, as people no longer get notified that one has been published.
God bless

Jenna said...

I invite you to mine, Pen.

:) --Jenna

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh — thanks, Jenna!


Pen Wilcock said...

Waving, Daff! x

Bean said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoy your blog very much. And, I visit several of the other blogs you mentioned. I enjoy my blog friends.

Peace be with you,


Pen Wilcock said...

A blog village.


Rebecca said...

A village indeed! I'm needing to combine all of mine... There for awhile I was able to keep the .all going--each with separate readerships. No longer. Seasons come and seasons go ..

Pen Wilcock said...

I'd guess combining into one would be the most satisfactory (?) Seems like hard work trying to keep several plates spinning.

Julie B. said...

This was a wonderful post. I especially love Beth's wallet! Wow. I like that way better than my Vera Bradley. :)

It's fun to peek in at the friends you've made here. I have visited most of your followers' blogs and appreciate each one.

Thank you for your prayers, dear Ember. xoxo

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Julie B! Waving! I'm so glad your retreat went well. xx

Sandra Ann said...

Aw bless you Pen, this made my day and I will be off blog hopping now! Your book "The Wilderness Within You" has been my only Lent reflection for this year. It has been a joy and a challenge to read and I love that you see Jesus :-) With love and gratitude for your friendship, San xx

Pen Wilcock said...


Jesus is all over the place! Astonishing! Happy Easter to you and yours. xx