Sunday, 23 June 2019

Rob Greenfield

Inspiring man — lots of food for thought and interesting daily-life detail in this video — fusion of minimalism and simplicity (not always synonymous) with frugality, humilis, willingness to share and abstain from ownership, radical minimisation of waste, re-use and re-cycling, maintaining focus, acceptance of the loneliness of his disciplined path — this is such a complex achievement, I take my hat off to him!


Bean said...

My take away from this came at the very end, he talked about the fact that there are things he wants, that it is a lot of work, but he always looks at the bigger picture. That to me is very applicable to anyone, essentially stay focused on your end goal and don't get distracted.

One thing I have noticed with most Tiny House dwellers, they are very dependent upon someone letting them live on their property, partly to do with planning regulations etc. But in reality you can live a frugal, almost zero waste, eco-friendly life where ever life places you, it simply takes a willingness to plan and be open to sometimes be open to compromise.


Pen Wilcock said...

Yes! I do like looking at tiny houses — I find them delightful — but the main thing that interests me is the way of life living in them imposes on their inhabitants. My circumstances rule out living (full time) in a tiny house, though I have a part time option in Komorebi, but I am very interested in the skills of earth-friendly, minimalist, low-waste living. One of the delights for me this year has been that our trees are reaching enough maturity for serious fruit producing. To stand out in the garden eating handfuls of our own cherries, instead of buying them in plastic boxes from the store, makes me so happy. Likewise picking our own kale and courgettes and beans instead of buying them in the obligatory plastic bags. There's no reason why that couldn't happen in a tiny house, but growing trees takes a while, so implies a settled life — plus of course a garden big enough for a few trees and a veggie patch.

Rebecca said...

Fascinating! I watched with an eye for personal, practical application. Baby steps for this 70 year old learner...😊

Pen Wilcock said...

Me too. I like to think in terms of direction of travel rather than destinations, so that I feel fairly sure I wouldn't last a week living Rob Greenfield style, but I can take inspiration from his example and manage my own watered-down version.