Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I can make a difference

You'll just have to excuse me. If there is a way to get images embedded as and where I would like them in this post, I haven't discovered it!

So I have posted what I want to say, and the pictures I want to show you, as a series of posts in reverse order, so that visually they come out in the right order. If you see what I mean. I hope you are not badly confused!!!

I started the day thinking about whether I, just one person, can make a difference to the Earth. Or not.

Then I thought about the garden at the front of our house.

When we came here, three years ago, at the front was just a dusty forecourt paved with concrete slabs.

At first we parked a car on it. Then last summer we dug up the concrete, and planted a garden instead.

The very first plant to go in was a lavender bush I'd been growing in a pot. As the bush was being settled into the ground, the first bee arrived!

A little apple tree went right in the middle.Last winter, in January, I took some photographs of the garden.

A few weeks ago, in June, six months on, I took another set of photos.

I think we just made a difference!


Buzzfloyd said...

:-D "worneov"

Ember said...

LOL! I love these words!

Buzzfloyd said...

'propensi' :-)