Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Please save the whales

Friends, once again the insatiable restlessness of Mammon seeking to enlarge its kingdom is on the move.

Since 1986, the countries of the world have stood firm against commercial whaling: though Iceland, Norway and Japan have found loopholes to enable them to continue killing whales.

Now they are pushing the boundaries again, wanting to reintroduce commerical whaling. All around the Earth other governments are watching keenly, ready with their 'Well if you can, so can I,' eye to the main chance.

Please sign the petition to stop this happening, here.

To learn more about whales and whaling, you can buy Heathcote Williams' amazing book Whale Nation either as an audio book, read by the author, to download here, or as a book to buy (it has some amazing pictures) on Amazon here or here.


Gerry Snape said...

Well I know that we will need the planes to see family elsewhere, but the quiet over our field and the blueness of the sky has been extraordinary. that makes me wonder if all this restlessness and grabbing is going to,as we say in the family "dig us into an early grave".It was the quiet that made us realise how hectic the skies had become.I want to slow life down, but are we battling against those who want to speed it up or are we kidding ourselves and we are just as grabby? keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Ember said...

Yes - it's the same message as the beautiful blanket of pure white that spread silently over us this last winter: stop; slow down, rmember the beauty; look at it and love it.

Anonymous said...
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