Friday, 22 April 2011


Further on 'Walking Into Simplicity' in a day or two - for the moment I seem to have walked so far into it I had a bit of trouble getting back out and onto the computer!

But friends, I had to show you this!

My daughter Grace (Buzzfloyd online), mother of the Wretched Wretch, found the MamAmor dolls, and oh they are so beautiful, delightful - such a wonderful idea.   Of the ones for sale at the moment my favourite's Agnes.  Which one do you like best?

They are for exploring the experience of giving birth, breastfeeding, carrying and loving and caring for babies.  They are big enough to be used in group work - women's groups, children's groups, schools, all sorts - as well as suitable for individual children, who clearly love and relate to them amazingly (see the photos on the website).

It is just such a joy to see something so positive and life-affirming, beautifully and mindfully made.  And I love to see artefacts individually designed and made by creative people in their own homes rather than mass-produced factory products.

God bless MamAmor, may that business prosper and flourish!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...they are adorable.

I have missed your words dear friend, I pray that all is well.

Mrs. M.

Ember said...

:0) Hi, Mrs M! Yes, the last several days have been very taken up with an injured kitten. He fell from the top of the stairs while playing wild games with his brother, broke his hip, spent the night in the animal hospital, then we took him the next day to our own vet where he had to have the neck of his femur removed, and he has to be kept on 'cage rest' separate from his brother.
So we got a cage which he hated so much - went absolutely crazy - it looked like he would injure himself further. So the cage had to go back to the shop and the room he was in had to be the cage.
This meant that our plan for him to be in the cage but able to see and socialise with his brother no longer applied.
So the last few days has had a complex household arrangement.
Each of the cats (still both very young, not yet 5 months old) gets very lonely if left, so we take it in turns to babysit them (!) in their separated state.
Obviously the trips to the vet and related etceteras (eg abortive cage venture) took time, and we were so worried about him we felt very drained and stressed.
Meanwhile my mother still needs visits and TLC, and all the usual laundry, groceries, meal preparation and general yadayada went on.
And I had 2 funerals to prepare and conduct this week.
So though there were some margins of time to post a blog, I have been a bit fog-brained.
And this is Easter weekend now, involving a number of family events and outings.
Peace should be restored by Monday evening, at least temporarily . . .
Lovely to see thee, Maria - blessings on thy day xxx

Hawthorne said...

Oh poor little kitten!!! :-( And poor you having all that hassle, not to mention expense! *sending hug to you all*

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ember for letting me know.

I pray that the little kitten will begin to heal with your attention and love.

I know about taking care of loved ones...

Have a blessed Resurrection Day dear friend! :)

Mrs. M.

Ember said...


Thanks Maria, hi Hawthorne! Such a blessing - when we got the cats from the rescue society, they had micro-chipped them as a matter of course, and this process generated from the Pet ID company one month's free pet insurance. It was on its last week!!

Ganeida said...

Poor kitty! They are so adorable. May the Lord keep thee in perfect peace in the midst of these trials.

The dolls are pretty cute too but not as gorgeous as a real live kitty. ☺

Ember said...

Very true, Ganeida - and real live kitties can be a good way to learn about birth and suckling and the value of snuggletime too :0)

Jill said...

I have missed your writings. Sorry to hear about the kitty. I will have to check out the doll babies. We just got our newest grandbaby, #8 for us. He is a dandy.

Ember said...

:0) Hi, Jill x

Lynda said...

Good to hear from you! I've had an aversion to the computer these last couple of weeks. Seems to be something going around :o)

Ember said...

;0) Waving!