Monday, 25 July 2011

"You whose day it is, make it beautiful"

The title of this blog post is a quotation, said to be Navaho, that I came across I can't remember where or when - only that I loved it; and I have always remembered it.

This day, my daughter Alice gave me a beautiful thing she made for me - calligraphy by Alice on paper made by Alice.  How fab is that?

The calligraphy is a quotation from a song called It Couldn't Be Better by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, whose music we love.  My children grew up with an album of theirs that we had - on vinyl disc in those days of course.  When they were little, they used to write and draw on the wall sometimes, and that was not surprising because so did I.

I took a big marker pen and wrote on the chimney breast in the kitchen, over the woodstove there, a quotation from that Ozark Mountain Daredevils album:
There's a fire in the stove
Keeping out the cold
Warming wine and winters and babies and home.
(song here)

Seems the habit runs in the family :0D

God bless you, Alice.  It's so beautiful.

And here on the south coast of England, it's a beautiful day.

Yesterday had something beautiful in it too.  The Badger's grandson, his daughter's child, has just arrived, a little further north in Kent, and we were able to visit him yesterday, just two days old.  May he walk in blessing all his days on this earth, may Christ walk with him, the Lord watch over him, and angels guard his way.  May he be happy in life, and may he be free.  May his home be full of love and full of laughter.  May peace reign in his heart, strength and wisdom in his soul, integrity in his spirit and shalom in his body.  Go, little baby!  The earth hath need of thee.

You, whose day it is - make it beautiful.




Julie B. said...

What a beautiful baby. And the calligraphy is superb. Have a happy day... :)

Ember said...

:0) Waving!

Bean said...

Life is so full of so many blessings, and you are so blessed to be so aware of them all :)


Ember said...

:0) x

BLD in MT said...

Ah, I deeply enjoy that quote, and it was new to me so thanks!

Matt and I have a saying we like to use when everything is wonderful and simple. "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is." It seems a kindred sentiment.

The calligraphy is stunning. Your daughter has some skilled hands there.

I still have an Ozark Mountain Daredevils vinyl that was my fathers. My player needle is broken now, but the record still plays just fine. The Daredevils always me me think of my pa.

Blessings on your growing family!

Ganeida said...

What a lovely picture of you! There is nothing more beautiful than a loving woman cuddling a baby. Shalom on you & all yours. ♥

Ember said...

:0) Hi Beth, hi Ganeida! xx

Elin said...

Oh, I love that picture of you and the baby too. The baby looks so happy and content and you too, I am sure you enjoyed that moment just as much both of you. I am also slightly envious of you photographing so well, I tend to get a crooked face everytime in particular when I smile...

Ember said...

I am not always a baby person, though I feel a great reverence for babies. But as soon as I saw the first photos of this particular baby, my heart gave a little sort of gasp. I feel a special love for this baby - more than I expected. I was very glad to have a chance to hold him. His spirit is very peaceful and strong.

Buzzfloyd said...

I'm startled by how much he looks like Michael in that picture!

Ember said...

I think you will like him :0)

Ember said...

Ooh, Buzz! And this one!!