Friday, 5 July 2013

Good Morning

Washed its hair.

Got its breakfast.

Said its prayers.

Listening to this song (you have to set it off).

This is going to be a good day.

This is the day that the Lord has made.  We shall rejoice and be glad in it.

The tasks of this day are challenging but not insurmountable.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue with insouciant drifts of white cloud. Today I pick up my little blue car and shall be free for the time being of the effing awful Stagecoach bus service.  Mwahaha!   

Today as in all recent days I am thinking of Buzzfloyd and that little baby digging its heels in and laughing quietly, refusing to be born.  La belle Sardine.  Hasten the day when we may cry “Zut alors!  She ’as emerged!”  All is ready for her. 

Today I will practice driving (haven’t driven in almost two years) so tomorrow I can whisk my beautiful mama away in a cloud of loveliness to a perfect cafĂ© with adorable knick-knacks for her to buy and vast slices of heavenly cake and magnificently frothy cappuccino.  With chocolate sprinkles.

Et toi?  What are you doing today my friend?  Is it a good day for you, or shadowed with dread and anxiety?  Do you have enough money and something to eat?  Is your home secure and are there people who love you?  Have you companions for your journey up the mountain or are you afraid and alone?  Do you have the strength to make beautiful this day that has been given to you, or are you too stressed to care and simply seeking comfort and peace?

What is this day for you?  Apart from the Lord’s gift to you.  His present.  Like all men, the Lord chooses some odd presents, but He does heed requests.  Think carefully what you speak into being!!


Beth said...

It's a good day here, too. Company coming - adorable 5 year old twins (and their mom) that I held as tiny preemie newborns when their maternal grandmother was too ill to be there; that we prayed for when ultrasound said something was terribly wrong with one of them and she was born, a beautiful, healthy, though tiny, little girl, with no brain abnormality!

I love picturing you and your beautiful Mama enjoying your cake and cappuccino in the cafe. I hope it was as lovely as it sounds. And I hope driving is not too daunting.

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh my goodness! Ultra-sound . . . Those scans are useful, but an approximate tool - a better servant than master. xx

Julie Graff said...

On this day that the Lord has made I am working out my own salvation, with no fear and trembling whatsoever, by taking the lawful steps available to me to "come out from among them" as He has instructed. How excellent is the Lord's timing: My affidavits are dated July 4! I will rejoice and be glad in the day. xxx

Pen Wilcock said...

Good to hear from you, friend. May all go well. xx

San said...

Finally a morning of peace, things have been quite traumatic, challenging and draining at this end, i was grateful for the quiet today.

Hope you enjoyed the cafe trip with your mum, let buzz know she is in my prayers.

San xx

Carol Z said...

I so enjoy visiting your blog. My visits help make it a good day.

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi San, hi Carol - may today also be blessed to you - it's another fair and lovely dawn here on the south coast of England. xx

ladyinred said...

Thank you Pen. This was a real encouragement to me this morning. Blessings, Robyn in NZ

Pen Wilcock said...

:0) Waving! May you be blessed xx

mamaof3 said...

Hi Pen! Today is a wonderful day! It's my husbands 50th birthday! And right now he is at the men's breakfast at our church. I plan on giving him a trouble free day of no work and only leisure! Love Kate

Pen Wilcock said...

Happy birthday to him! x

Deb D. said...

Hi, Pen: Haven't commented lately, but continue to be blessed, encouraged, and enriched by reading your posts.

Have ordered a few of your new book coming out in November. Know it will be rich. My spirit was moved by this quote of yours, as it well says my heart's question, too.

'I have one big question that almost hurts in my heart,' she says, 'because I care about the answer so much. I want to ask him, "Jesus, what do you think of me?"'

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I am blessed by "knowing" you.

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh, you are a sweetheart! I'm pleased with that book; I enjoyed writing it, and I hope it will be useful to people. xx

Pen Wilcock said...

"Decided" - thank you for your comment that just came through to me marked 'not for publication'. You asked for advice but didn't give your email address. I *think* we may have corresponded before, in which case I apologise for losing your contact details - could you let me have them again (leave another comment giving your email address, which I will not publish), then I can reply to you. Meanwhile I will pray for you about the matters you mentioned. xx