Monday, 11 December 2017

Winter's day


We have it.

Some of us are hiding from it.


We are ready for it.


We have a fire in it.

All is calm, all is bright — here. God help and succour the refugees sheltering in the Calais woods, the lives scourged by war, the increasing numbers of homeless poor driven into destitution by bad political governance. 

Now, Lord, send them some summer, some manner of joy,
Heaven after hence-going, that here have such default!
And have pity on the rich that relieve no prisoners
From the good things you hast given, the ungrateful many;
But, God, in thy goodness, give them grace to amend.
But poor people, thy prisoners, Lord, in the pit of mischief,
Comfort those creatures that suffer many cares,
Through dearth or drought, all their days here,
Woe in winter-time, for want of clothing,
And in summer-time, seldom a full supper.
Comfort thy care-stricken, Christ, in thy kingdom.

(from Piers Plowman)


rebecca said...

Your Christmas decorations are "just right" in my opinion.
Simple and thoughtful...
And snow? We had a little last week with more forecast for today.
It's inevitable, I guess.

Pen Wilcock said...


We love the snow! As my friend Pearl says, it's the only thing that obliges the whole world to be quiet.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pen,
Your winter home looks beautiful and filled with integrity. Perfect. Thankyou too for posting those sobering and humbling words. It pays to remember a simple, quiet life in a slightly chilly home is infinitely better than a desperate night in the woods. I shall go to bed tonight with renewed thanks for my duvet, filled tummy, and hot water bottle.
Sleep well. Deb

Pen Wilcock said...

Ha! Yes! These chilly nights I have a hot water bottle and wear my dressing gown in bed too. Thus armed I am cosy and I do indeed sleep well.

Bean said...

Your home looks ready for Christmas :) Merry Christmas to you and yours. The snow surely does add a pretty, peaceful, all is calm, vibe doesn't it. I love how muffled the world seems after a snow fall, and always the day after a storm it is a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.

Peace be with you,


Anonymous said...

Lovely and very cozy! I've been trying to "festive up" around here as well. It's not my forte', but I have grandchildren to impress! Got them a small tree just for themselves and they are making ornaments to decorate it with. Much excitement! One of them has a Christmas birthday, which adds to the frenzy. I am taking a few days off of work with minimal plans around the holidays to practice "Hygge" which has become a popular word of late in the US media.
Christmas blessings

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Bean — "I can see clearly now the rain has gone"! In my mind, now! x

Hi DMW — yes, our decorations were all the work of two of our household, admired by me who contributed exactly nothing. Even so, we don't go mad on decorating; what you see here is the sum total of the Christmas beautification of our house. I love the idea of your grandchildren having their very own tree, and I bet they do too. x