Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Problems with comments

Hello friends — I've had a heads-up to the effect that comments left here are not getting through to me; which is why the last few posts had no comments on them.

I just tested the most recent post (with a Willie Nelson song), and I've been able to leave a comment on it okay, so it's working for me.

If you could try leaving a comment on this post, I'd be grateful. If your comment isn't picked up and posted within 24 hours, and if you are in email contact with me, could you let me know?

Thank you!!

P.S. Oh my! I've just poked around a bit in the Comments settings thingummy on this blog and found so many unpublished comments! Jeepers! Sorry! I haven't been ignoring you on purpose!  


It seems like the problem is that the comments are showing up here but not getting through to my email. So in future I'll check here each day at the same time I check my emails.



anon said...

it says no comments

Pen Wilcock said...

Hiya — thank you! I'm not sure what you meant by that. At the foot of the post it would have said "No comments" because there weren't any before you posted your comment; but now I have posted this one, it should show "2 comments". Is that what you meant, or did you mean you are getting a message saying no comments are allowed on this post/blog?

Your comment didn't arrive into my email (it should have done) but I picked it up safely in my "Unpublished comments" folder on the blog. I think something must have gone wrong with the Google Blogger system. I'll see if it gets sorted out and in the meantime I'll just check for comments in the blog, assuming no email alerts will reach me.

Thanks for helping! xx

Buzzfloyd said...

I thought you were wilfully ignoring everyone! :-D

greta said...

i was wondering . . . i'd commented several posts back but nothing ever appeared. it does seem to be working now.

Carol Z said...

I've had the same problem with comments and I'm sorry it's happening, but nice to know it's not my blog alone. Thanks for publishing this.

anon said...

yes, now it says 2 comments

Fiona said...

Hello Pen! Hope you're well!

From what I can see, this post currently says "2 comments" under it (the one I'm about to add would be the third), and the previous four or five posts (which until very recently looked to have no comments) now all have several, so I think everything must be working properly for you again!

So much enjoying reading your posts, as always xxx

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi friends

Carol Z — that's interesting — must be a more widespread Blogger glitch rather than a problem specific to this blog.

It all works okay now folks, except that I no longer receive email alerts so have to remember to come here and check for comments. Which is fun to do, anyway — like Snoopy checking his mail box.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pen! So glad this has resolved itself. I too have commented on some of your lovely posts and they haven't been published. Not that it matters; it's just good to have everyone back. Looking forward to your next post!
Deb x

Pen Wilcock said...

Waving! x

kat said...

Waving back xxx
Glad York is still its lovely self, I miss gong up there to visit Jen.

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh, yes. Same for me with Cambridge. I grew up not far from there, and until a few years ago my mother still lived near (Saffron Walden), so I was over there every month visiting her and we would always go to Cambridge. I haven't been back since she moved away. Missing a place is quite similar to missing a person, isn't it? There is a relationship, a friendship, in the same way.

BLD in MT said...

This same thing happened to me! I've got unpublished comments going back weeks!! Thank YOU for alerting ME to this issue as well! I thought things had gone a little quiet!

Have a lovely day!!

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Beth — it's annoying, because I keep forgetting to come here and check, just because I'm not used to doing so. Glad you unearthed your comments too!