Friday, 7 February 2020

Vic's forest home

This last couple of days I took the train along the south coast to visit my daughter Fiona. We had just the best time together, and I had the delight of getting to know two of her friends, who are just lovely.

I took some photos so you could meet one of them.

This is the forest near where Fi lives. 

On the edge of the forest, on private ground, her friend Vic has his home —

— where he lives with Kiera the dog.

This is Vic's home on the inside:

— with Vic in it making us a cup of tea.

His stove holds ashes from some very special places. I can't remember all the ones he said, but he has ashes from Vedic temples and Sioux sacred fires as well as his own fires. It's like a heart that holds the memory of sacred humanity.

Vic is a musician, and you can discover his work online here.  He writes here about the soul and pattern of the way he has chosen, and the music that inspires and expresses the life inside him. Here's one of his songs. He is one of those rare souls who is prepared to accept the discipline and put in the determination needed to live in the freedom of simplicity. It was a privilege to meet him.


tonia said...

These photos of interiors have been so inspiring! Vic's home is so beautiful inside! I was very inspired by his words and these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Pen Wilcock said...


xx Waving!

Rebecca said...

Intrigued, I am. You have the most inspiring contacts and experiences.

Pen Wilcock said...

This is really my exploration, both online and off-line, to find and help to grow a mycelium of health, peace, kindness, wisdom and simplicity. I am always feeling my way to those people who can teach me and hold a lantern to show the way of goodness. Vic is one of those people.

Rebecca said...

I can see the light from his lantern 'way over here!

Pen Wilcock said...


Yes! x

Anonymous said...

Yes, and so generous to post his music too. Beautiful, and thank you x Deb

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Deb — waving!

Vic is a good person. x