Monday, 2 February 2009

Bless the silence

I hope this blog may create a place, for those people who recognise themselves in my outline of the Quiet Way, to keep in touch.

It's not intended to be a buzzing social hub.

You might think of it as one going quietly on foot along a badger track at the forest's edge, keeping an eye out for little informal waymarks - crossed twigs, an unobtrusive stack of small pebbles, a puzzling arrangement of leaves - that you recognise as the sign of a friend who passed by; one of the Kindred.

The links in the blog list will enable you to keep in touch with those who have expressed an interest in such an affiliation, as well as some who have not but whose path and purpose seem to me to be moving in the same direction.

It's not about signing up, or agreeing to a rule of life, but about seeing meaning in smallness and stillness and silence, desiring to build the peaceable kingdom, and finding encouragement in others who do the same.

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