Tuesday, 10 February 2009

While our new Spanish lodger was chatting to his family on Skype, his wash cycle finished. As I happened to be passing through the kitchen at the time, I got out the washing and hung it up on the airer to start drying.

Then I went back to the study and carried on with what I was doing on the computer.

In due course, he came down, intending to hang up his washing. He came in to find me.

I speak no Spanish. His English is at the elementary stage.

'Emberr,' he said.

'Yes?' I said.

'Thank you for... er...' he said.

'Hanging up the washing?' I said.

'Yes,' he said: 'but no more. Er... is my job to do this'.

'In this house,' I said, 'we help each other.'

He smiled.

'You want anything, you tell me,' he said. 'I do it. You no worry about anything.'


How cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

Que bien, verdad!