Thursday, 26 August 2010


It seems to me that the simple message:
needs to fly round the world.

If that simple piece of information could get lodged into the common mind of the human race, then our experience of life on this earth would radically improve.

People think many different things about trees, and often people are afraid of trees. Even in England where trees are loved, I oftentimes hear people say: ‘That tree’s taking over! It’s growing bigger!’ about a tree in their yard.

Trees are often blamed for damaging house foundations, sometimes correctly, often incorrectly.

As we in the western world get ever more neurotic and anal about the way we like things done, trees are cut down because they are messy, because they drop leaves, or blossoms, or fruit, or drip sticky stuff.

It’s much like having your lungs amputated to stop that nasty green stuff that you cough up into your hanky when you have a cold.

Trees slow down the movement of water through the landscape.

Their root systems stabilize the topsoil.

Their canopy provides shade and also moisturizes the air.

Tree are the lungs of the earth.

There is no future hope for the human race on earth unless we plant and nurture trees.

I have looked at a lot of pictures of Amish farms, because I love the Plain people. I notice they are not planting trees as they should be. Field after field rolls across the landscape with hardly a tree to be seen.

In England, people are putting decking and patios and brick paths instead of plants in their garden.

All plants, but especially trees, protect and stabilize eco-systems, keeping safe the animals, insects and birds and the human race.

Please, if you love the Earth, if you love and honour the Creator of the Earth, if you love your neighbour, if you want to do something about the escalating problem of drought and flood and environmental pollution – PLANT AND PROTECT TREES.

Plain sisters reading this – you are the ones who exercise stewardship and plant gardens in your yards: you are the ones who read blogs online and can influence the men who make the decisions. Please use your influence to plant trees.

We need them. Trees sustain life.


Ganeida said...

We are tree lovers. Quite a few people have commented that our trees *spoil* our view & we should cut them down. Cutting down a tree feels like murder to me. I hate when there is no choice, but to do it unnecessarily....!!! We get cyclones [well sometimes we do] & the trees take the brunt of the wind, protecting the house, deflecting the wind over the top of us. Helps with the storm surge too. Oh, * when we finally got our front trees above the pitch of our roof our indoor summer temps plummeted by 5 ~ 10 degrees! No need for air conditioning, just stragetically planted trees.

Pen Wilcock said...


As a newspaper headline once rather surprisingly said:
"Save our trees - they break wind"!

Julie B. said...

Trees make me feel peaceful and refreshed. We have many trees (and a creek) in our back yard, including quaking aspen, and when I need a break I go out onto our back deck and listen to the sound of the leaves in the wind.

When I go back to visit friends in Southern California where I was raised, the first thing I think is, "Where are the trees?!"

Minnesota has trees at every turn and I'm grateful to live among them.

Thank you for the reminder, Ember.

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Julie Faraway!

I heard of a town in California where they had been growing trees near to their homes - kind of tree-lined avenues I think - instead of installing air conditioners; apparently with great success.