Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happiness moment

Hey, you know I told you this book is out now?

Well, the first review has just come up on Amazon, and it's the most fabuloso review a person could ever wish to have!  I am just so grateful to that person, whoever they are - made my day!

Happy now.



365 366 Day 200 – Wednesday July 18th

 Charming anthology about cats in literature, bought from bookstall at church bazaar.   Useful bathroom book for a while.


Anonymous said...

I love the expression 'bathroom book' - I know exactly what you mean. Bookshops should have sections devoted to them. You've got me thinking now, I might have to go through my books and categorise them accordingly.

All best wishes for your new book.

Julie B. said...

And well-deserved, I say!

My verification word is: yrightm

Exactly. Why write 'em if people don't like 'em?

That will never be an issue with your books. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Oh Pen...congratulations! I have ordered for my Kindle...looking forward to reading it :)


Daisyanon said...


Jules said...

that's great ember!!!

Pilgrim said...

It was a nice review. Still waiting on mine!

Ember said...

Hi friends

Mostlymotley - good idea about the bookshop section!

Julie B - is this a novel vehicle for words of knowledge now? ;)

Thanks Maria, Daisy, Jules xxx

Pilgrim - from what the person said I guess it was someone Crossway asked to review it. According to the website it's available now - instantly on Kindle and I know not how long in paperback - but thanks for ordering it, hope you get it soon! x