Friday, 1 May 2015

Life In a Tiny House ebook by Billy Ulmer

I know some of you who read here are (like me) very interested in small-space and off-grid living.

I can really recommend this book by Billy Ulmer.

It’s an e-book: I don’t know if it will load into a Kindle, but I’ve been reading my copy on my computer because it has lots of photos, so is better on the bigger screen.

The stories are inspiring, full of insight, positivity and hope.

Billy Ulmer (who blogs here) made this book because he noticed that though there are plenty of publications about how to build a tiny house, there aren’t many about actually living in one. There are blogs of course, like Rowdy Kittens, and Dan Price writes about life in his Hobbit Hole. But I certainly welcomed this book by Billy Ulmer; it gave me much food for thought and made me happy.

It costs $20, and you can buy it here.

I should make clear, neither the book nor the author has any connection with me, and I have not been asked to review it; it’s just that I came across it, really liked it, and thought you might too.


LANA said...

I have had a problem with my computer letting me leave comments, but I have been reading all your posts and tried to leave a few comments but they did not go through. So hello! I love tiny houses and if it were just me and not the three other people I live with plus two dogs I would be in a much smaller abode. Thanks for the book recommendation, I love reading about living in small simple places. One day I will.

LANA said...

For some reason my computer will not let me leave comments, if this goes through then Hello! I have still been reading your posts. I love the tiny house movement.

BLD in MT said...

Excellent. Thanks for the share. Not only would I likely find it interesting I have a friend who is building a small house off the grid at this very moment. I will send her the link.

Pen Wilcock said...

:0) It's good - really thorough - there's a lot in it, and really comprehensive photos. Looks at the different options, different ways people evolve their lifestyles.