Saturday, 1 April 2017


A few days ago I gave you a peep into one or two of the personal living spaces of the individuals in our minimalist burrow. This was Hebe’s room, her bed laid out ready for night time.

Living as we do, with few possessions and sleeping on the floor, the question naturally arises – what happens to the bedding in daytime hours?

One of the delights of floor sleeping is that the entire bed can be thoroughly aired – outside or inside – and washed regularly. Everyone knows about microscopic bed creatures and the allergies they cause, so this is an obvious plus.

A while ago, Hebe turned over in her mind how best to store her bedding during the day. She thought of having a rail put up to hang it on. She considered getting a second set of shelves to hang it over. Then she thought – wait on! Why not just hang my bedding on the shelves I already have?

So that’s what she does. It protects her clothes from sunlight fading, allows the quilt to air, and gives a pleasing tapestry-like effect as a backdrop to everyday life.

The banisters also offer an excellent place to air bedding and towels (and dry clothes).

Meanwhile, Alice reserves shelf space for her bedding during the day.

Shelves are useful for storing all kinds of things.

While we’re on storage, I thought you’d like to see the wonderful set of shelves the Badger has designed and made to store his belongings in our attic. He still has a few shelf-loads of books to bring up from the communal space downstairs – then the space he created will be a perfect sufficiency. This is what we had before. 

And this is what we have now  lovely. I think they make our home look very elegant – almost ‘on purpose’!

And in the garden, our greengage tree is in blossom and all the spring flowers have their party dresses on.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your home is lovely <3

Pen Wilcock said...

Thank you! We are happy here.


Suze said...

Lovely and so restful.

Pen Wilcock said...

:0) xx

Lynda said...

Love the shelves...and the pretty garden! xx

Pen Wilcock said...

Thank you - in our front garden, northfacing and damp, we have had brilliant success in growing a carpet of moss and the kind of mint that makes a lawn and another very lowgrowing moss-like plant I've forgotten the name of for the moment. We love it - like velvet! x

Elin Hagberg said...

My brother always calls moss maintenance free grass replacement. He says that the biggest lie lawn mower companies sold us is that you shouldn't have moss in your lawn. They are too afraid that people will see how superior it is to grass and then they are out of business.

Pen Wilcock said...

Yes! I love moss. x