Thursday, 15 November 2018

Just because this is one of my favourite songs.

You can dance to that.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Pen, "eBay" Clare here.

Ref: Canned Heat and Earl Grey Tea

Thanks so much for this! If ever a song needed to be rediscovered and go viral right now it's this one! Apart from evoking memories of college discos, the message is absolutely on point. I've played it twice already and will play it again later as I cool down after treating my aching joints to a hot Epsom Salts bath!

During my first 2 listens I read your preceding post. What a fascinating life you've had - and are still having. An autobiography with loads of photos and/or illustrations would be something to look forward to indeed!

As for Earl Grey tea: I discovered a couple of decades ago that I had an intolerance of - inter lots of alia - ordinary tea (but not coffee, so it's not the caffeine, and I continue to enjoy my filtered ground coffee with breakfast), and really missed my afternoon and evening Earl Grey. For some reason I could never stomach the aromatic bergamot taste - or even the smell - before lunchtime. Unaccountable, but true; and always without milk - I gave up milk in tea and coffee in my teens for some reason, unaccountable again; and these days I don't have dairy at all.

However, having long failed to find a replacement for tea, I was delighted to discover Rooibos tea when it became widely available. Different plant, no intolerance. Then came the glorious day when I came across Dragonfly Tea's Earl Grey Rooibos at Waitrose when I still lived near one (and could still afford to shop there). Heaven! I end each day with a large cup of it beside my bed and sip as I read. Tick Tock teas do it too now, and both are sold at my local supermarket which begins with a "T" just down the hill - can you tell I have a love-hate relationship with it? ;^).

So maybe it's worth a try?

Love, Clare xx

So perhaps this is an option?

Pen Wilcock said...

Earl Grey redbush! Well done you!! I have to say 'redbush' because if I try to spell it the proper way I get lost in all the Os like Father Ted in the lingerie department.

When I discovered redbush, I loved it at once then hated it within a week and have never gone back to it. Aren't these things odd? Now, I drink nettle, or rosemary or lemon and ginger (fresh not teabags).

Our supermarket, at the end of the road is Asda. It's as cheap as chips but they have lots of organic food too, and Wonky Veg boxes. I love it. That supermarket beginning with T is well stocked, but I used to find their veg went off rather quick.