Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Living light

I used to find living through winter darkness very hard. 

When I looked into it more deeply, though, I wondered if I might be starved of living light rather than merely of sunlight. So I adjusted what I was doing, and found my suspicions well-founded.

I love sunny days. But . . .

. . . if I have firelight

and starlight (in good company with Jesus who is the living light)

and moonlight

and dawn light

and the slanting light of the afternoon

and candle-light

then I find my soul is fed with the wonder and mystery it needs to stay steadily strong.

And it is a mistake to think of a fire

as merely a heat source.

If you have a fire in your home, you have a pet dragon.

A fire eats and breathes, it speaks, it is full of personality and different every day. A fire is a friendly companion, with the added spice of being distinctly and uncompromisingly dangerous; the sort of friend who can destroy your living room in under two minutes and think it's funny.

Having a fire on your hearth is akin to inviting the sea to live with you, or swapping out your roof for the starry sky like Jesus did. Elemental.

I respect the experience and testimony of those who experience SAD. Without doubt it is a thing. 


I humbly offer the view that it is a thing one might deepen and worsen by going into the winter with central heating and closed curtains.

Living light makes life better.

All living light. And firelight, after all, is the sunshine stored in the remembering heart of a tree. I am thankful for the trees who gave their lives that I might be comforted all through the cold dark months of winter by living light. What a treasure. What a precious and wonderful gift.


Anonymous said...

Hello Pen. What beautiful living proof of what’s freely given. Thankyou for the reminder to look. I was particularly struck by the huge red sky this morning, which was absolutely amazing- and followed by torrential rain! ;)
But even the sound of that is wonderful...
Your description of the dragon in the hearth reminds me of my own description of those first frosty breaths as ‘ dragon breath!’ . Beginning to look forward to cosy winter days!
Deb x

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh, yes — the dragons are all coming out now! The water dragons, the air dragons and the fire dragons! Down from the mountains!

Rebecca said...

I needed this perspective. And I need (but don't have) alive fire in the house. I honestly can see the wisdom here.... Many candles, maybe? Other suggestions?

Pen Wilcock said...

Candles, yes — even just one, as a focus. Also, to turn off the lights and look at the moon and stars, sometimes, or time a walk outside to coincide with the wonderful winter sunset/sunrise. x

Bean said...

I totally agree with all you say. And that slanty afternoon light, I call it the golden hour, it is truly the most beautiful light of all.

Peace be with you,


Pen Wilcock said...

Yes —through the trees in afternoon woods especially x