Friday, 7 June 2019

Cordless lamps

I have a cordless lamp I really like. It's this Taotronics one — and I like that name too, and that it has a little Tao symbol for its brand logo. 

I had pictures of it in a January post , and at the time it looked like this:

I think cordless lamps are brilliant, for two reasons — firstly because I can charge it during the day while the sun is on the solar panels (it has a USB charger rather than taking batteries you change like a torch), and secondly because it isn't tethered to a wall socket. It's dimmable, which I also like. I get up early, when it's still well dark during the winter, but if I start switching on lights it disturbs the household. I have good night vision and don't need a light to go down to the kitchen, but I carry my lantern with me and once I'm there I sit it in a dark corner and put it onto its dimmest setting, so it gives me just enough light to see to fill my mug of tea and so on.

The one thing I don't like about it — as in, intensely dislike — is the white light.

Then one of my grandchildren had a birthday, and I got a spotty yellow and white disposable tablecloth and napkins to make the kitchen look festive for his birthday tea, and afterwards I had an idea. 

I cut a length off the end of the tablecloth and wrapped it round the lamp, stuck it in place with regular sticky tape, then another layer of the paper cloth so the spotty design would have a dappling effect and the yellow intensify. The tablecloth spottiness was white on yellow while the napkins were yellow on white. So I folded one of the napkins in two to go underneath on the shelf where the lamp stands by my bed.

Now it has a warm light I love it absolutely. 

Next to it there (I stood two books alongside, one a regular paperback, the other a larger format paperback to give you an idea of size) is my bottle for if I get thirsty in the night. I love chilled water, and this little bottle is steel and thermal — keeps water cold through the night, especially because I start it off with a few ice cubes in the water, since it's only small and needs what help it can get. I didn't especially want bright pink, and I suspect no one else did much either, hence it was substantially cheaper than all the other more subtle colours — which was why I got that one. I've come to feel a certain affection for it, especially since it does a good job of keeping my night water cold.

Right then, time to stop writing to you, get out of bed and leap in the bath. See you later.


Suzan said...

Ingenious solution. I have a charger by my bed and it gives a blue glow. I use that light at night.

greta said...

i've done something similar by using a sheet of handmade paper (from a local art supply store) cut to fit whatever lamp or votive candle that i want to 'soften' a bit. great minds think alike!

Bean said...

so sunshiny looking, I love it. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - very good.


Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Suzan — Yes, in a similar way our landing (upstairs hall/passage) is lit at night with a faint glow from the digital wall controls for the boiler (furnace); very handy, means we can see the way to the bathroom!

Hi Greta — oh, I bet the light looks lovely through handmade paper, because of the texture.

Hi Bean — I'm glad you said that! I felt guilty buying a disposable tablecloth and napkins, but if I have real ones they get gradually stained and grungy; and then as well we have to store them . . . At least this meant we got more use out of them than we otherwise might have.

Buzzfloyd said...

I commented on this the other day, but Google must have eaten it. I said that I had assumed you'd deliberately chosen that lovely pink bottle for its marvellous colour instead of one of the dull ones. I would have! But I often seem to like things that no one else does. :-)

Pen Wilcock said...

Ha! And yes to Google eating it, quietly munching in the corner! I check my comments awaiting moderation scrupulously, and yours mustabin EATEN!!

Julie B. said...

I bought this lamp. I love it. Thank you. xoxo

Pen Wilcock said...

Hurrah! I love it too! We have become lamp sisters! x