Saturday, 19 October 2019


Where I stand just now feels like Aughra in The Dark Crystal, standing looking at her orrery, watching the unfolding of change in small exterior forms.

In my own life, in the lives of others close to me, in the life of the church to which I belong, I am watching the reluctant turning of rusted cogs unfamiliar with movement, the binding to old forms and the blind questing into the new. 

I see new configurations, and in my own path I choose simplicity, generosity, kindness, respect and faith. I choose the shelter of the Lord Jesus, his company and guidance, his Name and the protective shield it offers. As change comes and new patterns emerge, may I steadily offer simplicity and peace, the fruitful choice of relinquishment and barefoot spirituality. May what I put into the world be for nourishment, kindness and authenticity.

Just now, around me and in three places that have powerfully nurtured me, I am watching death arriving. May nothing impede its approach and may all be accomplished in peace for the birth of the new and the emergence of life.

I suppose these are private things I am writing here, but it is a kind of prayer that I need to speak before the heavenlies so that it may be accomplished, and who knows — perhaps it has resonance in your life for the present time as well. This is a moment to cast off from the shore, to act without fear. This is a time for acceptance and trust, for taking the next step, for being unfraid to leave behind what is comforting and familiar. In this world or the world of light, there will always be another chance, new forms, fresh expressions. The new and living way stands open for all of us to walk on without limitation or hesitation. The way is clear and only awaits our footfall. This is not a matter of insecurity but of joy. 

Go forth. Don't be afraid. Take the tide. The boat is ready.

That's the word that comes to me today. May Jesus bless it to your understanding and bring it safely to pass: peace to you and safe crossing into the new.


Suzan said...

I truly like these thoughts. I see death as the ultimate earthly experience. I have witnessed horrible deaths and beautiful ones. I am very interested in what awaits.

God bless, dear one.

Anne said...

I always look forward to your posts, and love your books. You have greatly encouraged me towards a simpler way of life far less concerned with “stuff”, although I still have a long way to go. “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers”, wise and prophetic words for our times from the poet. This post is beautiful and made me feel less afraid of launching my boat into new uncharted waters. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I hope I am blessed with such a complete understanding as you’ve described Pen; it sounds so beautiful and accepting of impending goodness and change.
I also truly hope your prayers are answered for those you speak of.
Deb x

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Suzan — Yes, I echo exactly what you say here. I feel we are given tantalising glimpses of the realm around and beyond us, "puzzling reflections in a mirror" as St Paul said. Intimations. I feel very blessed that although I have seen some people pass through horrendous stuff in the terminal phase of their lives, death came to them quietly and brought them peace.

Hi Anne — that quotation! Ain't that the truth! May the next adventure on your voyaging bring you joy.

Hi Deb — thank you. I think we can make it beautiful, and that might be the task entrusted to us. x