Sunday, 26 January 2020

Nancy's place

I wonder if you also read the comments threads that develop from the posts on this blog. If not, I really do encourage you to do so. It's always a thrill for me to find someone's comment on any post, bringing a perspective I hadn't thought of, shining a new light on the topic of the post. And sometimes, of course, a person makes themselves known here for the first time — maybe someone who has been travelling along with us a long time but never before spoken up. That's always lovely, too.

Since I put my email address in the sidebar near the top of the page, more readers have been in touch whose comments didn't get through so they couldn't introduce themselves before. And an email can always be lengthier and more personal that a comment on a blog, so it's been a happy time of making new connections. Thank you for writing to me.

In the last few days I've met Nancy, who has known and loved my Hawk & Dove books, and is a particular friend of Father Peregrine — I think you'll remember him if you've read those stories. 

It was wonderful to meet Nancy — she has lived so many adventures (you can read about her life in her long and interesting comments on my previous post). She tried to attach some photos with her comments, but Google Blogger doesn't offer that facility, so Nancy took the trouble to email them to me instead.

Here's Nancy, with her husband:

They are missionaries, and they live in Poland.

What I specially wanted to show you is Nancy's home. 

When they moved to the village where they live now, they bought two old log cabins — one to live in and one for guests to stay over (if I've understood correctly) — and put them back together in their new location.

Some of you who read here, like me, prize the beauty of simplicity, and have a real love for small and simple dwellings. I think you will immediately fall in love with Nancy's kitchen-living-room:

Isn't that lovely? To me, it just says, "home". All by itself it's the definition of what home should be.

And here's Nancy's guest accommodation:

It has a living roof.

It's a good thing for Nancy I'm not a guest there — I'd never want to go home!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my instant response of "Oh, wow! Look! How gorgeous is that?" Because I thought you'd love Nancy's place as much as I do.

Thank you, Nancy, for sending the photos of your home. 


Fiona said...

Beautiful! Hello, Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Partly secluded, green roof, rustic, simple, earth dwelling surroundings, sunflowers ... just bee-yoo-ti-ful. Such places exist beyond dreams!
Thank you for sharing x

greta said...

when i saw the photo of the living room/kitchen, my instant reaction was ''oh, wow!' apparently we all think alike. i could fit into that space immediately and would never want to leave. hi, nancy! thank you for sharing this with pen and with the rest of the kindred.

Sandra Ann said...

Aw how lovely 🙂 Thank you for sharing about Nancy and yes her home really is a home ❤️

Rebecca said...

What a warm, inviting place....

Pen Wilcock said...

We agree, Nancy! Your place is fab!

Julie B. said...

Nancy's home looks warm and inviting, a reflection of the welcome I see on her face, and her husband's. May God bless and keep them, and give them new joys in the coming year! xo

Nancy S. said...

Oh, I just saw this post! Wow, thank you all. The kitchen you see is actually in our guest cabin. To make it even more simple, there is a compost toilet, the woodstove heats the cabin and the water! Our kitchen in the main house has a bigger old wood stove for cooking but also is the only source of hot water in the house. We also have a guest apartment. All built from old materials! We have a 50 meter wide rock wall made from large boulders my husband collected on the road or bought from the farmers around us. My husband lives gardening and landscaping in the natural way. He is full of life, joy (the ultimate optimist) and humor.

Please come for an outing!

Tony Collins said...

I cannot get away from the idea that the author Terry Pratchett has returned to us and has been reborn as Nancy's husband - lucky guy!

Pen Wilcock said...

Nancy — good thing or live in Poland or we'd all be borrowing your useful husband!

Tone — haha! yes! The resemblance is uncanny, right down to the hat!

Nancy S. said...

That is funny! That means he has given you a good first impression. He is our Pokish cowboy that loves to garden and loves to talk!