Thursday, 19 March 2020

An order for morning prayer

 An order for Morning Prayer

I rise up clothed in strength of Christ
I shall not be imprisoned
I shall not be harmed
I shall not be downtrodden
I shall not be left alone
I shall not be tainted
I shall not be overwhelmed.
I go clothed in Christ’s white garments
I go freed to weave Christ’s patterns
I go loved to serve Christ’s weak ones
I go armed to rout out Christ’s foes

(the Community of Aidan & Hilda)
As the deer that yearns for running streams,  so my soul is thirsting for you my God.
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.
He rests me in green pastures and walks with me by still waters.
He restores my soul.
O God our creator, your kindness has brought us the gift of a new day.
Help us to leave yesterday behind, and neither to covet nor dread tomorrow, but to accept the uniqueness of today.
Holy and strong, holy and immortal, wise and living
Under your kindness I take my shelter
Your goodness smiles and is quiet
In your presence is my refuge and sanctuary
Transfuse me with your peace
Breathing in I calm my body
Breathing out I smile
There is time. There is a place for me, here with you.This is your day, and by waking up in the morning
I understand that I have been invited to share it with you.
Thank you.
Today I am saying yes to your grace
                       and yes to your gift
                       and yes to your company
May I walk in quietness today
May I walk in gentleness today
Today may I take time to listen and time to see.

Though the dawn breaks cheerless on this isle today 
My spirit walks upon a path of light.
For I know my greatness:
Thou hast built me a throne within thy heart;
I dwell safely within the circle of thy care;
I cannot for a moment fall out of the everlasting arms;
I am on my way to glory. 
(Alistair Maclean)

 Walk in peace - trust in God - believe in glory


Sandra Ann said...

Thank you Pen just the ticket before I start my day, I thank God for you and other online friends. May you be blessed and know His presence most especially today, with love San xx

Pen Wilcock said...

Waving! May you be blessed today. x

greta said...

thank you, just what i needed to begin my day. i'm going to print it out so that i can have it handy every morning. waving to everyone!

Pen Wilcock said...


May you be blessed today. x

Gerry Snape said...

Thankyou Pen...nothing more. Peace to you.

Pen Wilcock said...

Waving! May you be peaceful may you be well. x