Sunday, 6 February 2022

Sunday early morning prayer from The Campfire Church retreat on Facebook, 'Journey into Light'


Good morrow, friends! I hope you slept well. Wes Hal!


In this day, beloved Lord Jesus, set me free.

From confusing paths where I can no long see a way out

Set me free

From old resentment and guilt and shame, the shadows of the past

Set me free

From habits I have struggled to break and failed, so many times

Set me free

From the clinging superstitions and prejudices of inadequate religion

Set me free

From fear that stops me taking risks

Set me free

From nostalgia and attachment to baggage weighing me down

Set me free

Above all

From the fear that you will let me go, the dread of losing you

Set me free

May I be as confident, optimistic, and full of laughter and generosity

As you intended me to be

From the beginning.


#3 SONG 

The Lord’s my Shepherd (Stuart Townend)

#4 PRAYER (by Grace Garner)

Bless your holy name, O God.

Bless the darkness, bless the light,

Bless our feet upon the road,

Bless our camp all through the night.

Bless the fire and bless the wind,

Bless the water and the stone.

Bless the people and the land,

Bless the country and the town,

Bless the foolish and the wise,

Bless the young ones and the old,

Bless the clay you made us from,

Bless the treasure that we hold.

Bless our circle here today,

Bless us, each and every one,

And blessed be you, the One in Three,

Mother, Holy Spirit, Son.


God who makes the seed and blows it on the wind;

Who sends the rain and the sun to grow the tree,

Even in the shady valley and the mountaintop;

Send holy water through my roots to bring life into me.

In Jesus’ name,



Cai Thomas sings Mozart's Laudate Dominum.

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