Saturday, 8 April 2017


I love the turning of the light – in the seasons and in the round of a day. I love how our home gradually and silently fills with light . . . the quiet, cool dim light of the dawn as the darkness fades . . . the sunrise with its gladness and glory of colours. I love sunlight and rainwashed silver cloud light. I love dusk and starlight too, and the beauty of the moon.

And the homely pools of lamplight are also beautiful. Just now, as dusk deepens into night, the pools of light gathered at our roof windows in the attic gradually falter and disappear. But working at his desk, the Badger sits in the warm glow of his lamp. I can look along from my corner and see him there.

And now the night has come. Time to go out under the rising moon and put down the fox’s supper.


Life in the Slow Lane said...

Have you heard Richard and Linda Thompson sing "Dimming of the Day"? Great song, on youtube.

Pen Wilcock said...

No - I don't know that song. Right now this minute I'm listening to a recording of "It is well with my soul", then I'll go and look that up. x

Life in the Slow Lane said...

It's an oldie, a romantic song, but almost more about the time of day. Sung by a couple that ended up separating, which adds more poignancy.

Pen Wilcock said...

I loved it! I hadn't heard of Richard and Linda Thompson, but was captivated by Richard Thompson's face - which had in it something wild and spiritual and intense. So I looked up about them on the internet, and was interested to discover he was part of Fairport Convention. They lived in the next village to me when I was a child, and I remember they gave a free concert for the village - which, to my huge disappointment, my mother wouldn't let me go. And he played with Barry Dransfield, who taught one of my children to play violin.