Friday, 7 April 2017

Herring gulls

Herring gulls. Incomparable.

They keep an unremitting ceaseless watch on everything that goes on in the garden. Of particular interest is the time in the morning I come out with tiny cubes of hard cheese for the crows.

I call on the crow call, and back come corvid answers from various directions across the valley. The crows always send someone to see what’s up, but they aren’t always bothered about food – unlike the seagulls. The crows take as much as they want and leave the rest. The seagulls eat everything going.

The other morning, I went out onto the deck with a couple of bowls of rejected catfood, scoping the trees for crows, but they weren’t about just then – unlike the seagulls, who were ready and hopeful on their feeding station up on the Badger’s carpentry shed roof. I wanted the crows to have a chance at the catfood, so I just took it back in until they should appear.

“Oi!” A herring gull appeared on the rail of the deck, then hopped down to knock on the back door. “Where our catfud?”

So I took some out to them. They are everlastingly hungry. Peckish, even. “Give us your tired! Give us your poor! Give us your huddled masses!” they scream, with not the faintest idea what it means – “Give us anything! We’ll take it! Serve it up and make it quick. We all like figgy pudding so bring some out here!”


Julie B. said...

Children's book. I just keep sayin'... xoxo

Pen Wilcock said...



Nearly Martha said...

Hello. Three things. 1. Am loving the wilderness book. V much - have a favourite line and a couple of bits which I would like to blog about after Easter. 2. Please thank your daughter for the picture of Jesus after the Resurrection which was in Woman Alive. The face is fantastic. I have cut it out and kept it. 3. Thanks for the idea about gulls. Sorry - am going to pinch for blog. :-)

Pen Wilcock said...


Glad to be of service, ma'am! x

Anonymous said...

Sea gulls! They are so chock full of ATTITUDE. I love it!

- Philippa

Pen Wilcock said...


They are! x