Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th February :0)

 Yesterday was the blur Sunday so often is.  Our church service is long, I like to be reasonably clean and tidy to attend public worship, then afterwards the Badger and I have taken to eating lunch (only on Sundays!) at the supermarket café until our kitchen remerges from its primeval soup.  We picked up the groceries the small local shops don’t have – fancy teas like nettle and sweet fennel, nettle and peppermint, nettle by itself; and cat food our aristocats can bear to eat. 

Then on to the garden centre to enquire about water-butts (failed quest) and pick up some low-growing herbs to interplant the stones under the arch that prevent a swamp developing at that point in the path. 

Briefly home, planted said plants, added more grass seed and covering compost to the ploughed field that will one day be our serene and beautiful lawned conversation space (have I told you about that?  The Buckingham Palace lawn?), subsided for an hour or two with a cup of tea and a book, then out to visit dear friends not seen in an age for supper.  

I realised that those outings are unusual now for me.  I visit my mother, and occasionally another old lady, but I no longer really socialise.  I see my immediate family, but I don’t go out much.  Our church is very community-minded, but I just go to worship and to the meetings of which I am the secretary, few other events.  Two hours is my absolute limit of social intercourse before I begin to feel so exhausted I feel almost frantic.  So it’s very rare for me to go out for a meal with friends now.  But they are dear to me.

So, that was yesterday and I didn’t post my 365.  However, because Blogger thinks the entire world is in the United Staes of America, I think this post will handily bear yesterday’s date (from the English time of day), so maybe I can think of something better worth reading than this tedious resumé of my day to post later on for today’s post (if you see what I meant). 


365 366 Day 57 February 26th (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

 Sewing cottons.  When we got our new sewing machine a year or so ago, it came with a freebie of a complete set of sewing cottons in every colour under the rainbow, 5 boxes of ’em!  And a set of sewing scissors, several different sizes.  So this collection of cottons became redundant and was accordingly Freecycled.
Excitingly, Alice and Hebe have decided to include a Sewing Station in their studio and relocate the stone bench (not a bench made of stone, the bench for stone-cutting).  This means there will be a permanent textiles corner with all the threads and the sewing machine and shelves for fabric bits and buttons etc, which will be BRILLIANT and hugely increase the likelihood of things getting done.  I’ll take a photo and show you :0)


Elin said...

When we talk about having god as an inner guide and follower, I also have an additional follower, my mother. She would never ever been able to get rid of any kind of thread or yarn. I am glad it is not me giving that away, she would scream inside of me 'they will come to good use some day, just wait and see' and I would not have been able to withstand that voice, not when it comes to things related to sewing... *smile*

Ember said...

Oh yes, I know what you mean! At the same time as following the path I have to follow has grown imperative, so has the Greek chorus grown inside me of "Ooh, I wouldn't do that if I were you - bound to regret it later!" This kind of guilty, hand-wringing nay-saying follows me round; but I still have to go where my pig is headed . . .

Ganeida said...

Our Sundays are now exhausting as well. We travel several hours all round & between that & the socialising I am frantic to walk in my own door & just stop. It can make me very bad tempered ~ which is not meant to be the end result of worship, natch? Poor Dearest, who doesn't get out much, would love to stay longer but his appendages are all heading for the car while he is still chatting & if he wants his ride home he must gulp his coffee & bolt too.

Ember said...

Yes, we have the same imbalance - the Badger looks forward to the socialising, it's the part he likes best!

Anonymous said...

Mine will come to good use by somebody else,just gave whole box away.

Ember said...

:0) Good feeling, isn't it!