Thursday, 31 May 2012

Finding your way

When we walk down into Hastings, this is our route – down a flight of steps and along this path, then through the glorious park, green and peaceful, a place of lakes and streams, flowers, birds and huge old trees.

But for car drivers, the road up from the sea north towards Battle offers a choice: the A21 or the A2100.

I love our English road signs – they convey the sense that everyone has lived here forever and nobody really needs the information about which way to go.

This is our road.

And when you arrive back to our house you find someone else with a very relaxed attitude to life:

365 366 Day 153 – Friday June 1st  
(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

Another practical and pretty sunbonnet.  I only wish they were part of the sartorial vocabulary in England, in which case I would have kept this bonnet, the straw bonnet, and all the Plain garb for sure.  Sadly, here, this kind of gear just makes people feel bewildered and uneasy.  But it was a good bonnet.    


Daisyanon said...

The colour of that bonnet suits you. And is that the spinning wheel just in the corner of the photo.

How is the spinning going?

Ember said...

:0) Well spotted! I have spun quite a bit, impeded by the enthusiasm of a toddler with the imagination to note the potential resemblance to tractor driving, and a cat who likes to chew rubber bands - be those the one the postman wraps round the mail or a spinning wheel drive band! This has created time and place limitations hadn't thought of, but overall things are going well. It spins beautifully. x