Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wondering about Wednesday

Where does everyone go on Wednesdays?

Alice says statistically it’s a day when people feel low and depressed.  Woeful Wednesday.  Weary Wednesday.

Whatever, it’s a jolly good day for getting things done.  You want to go to the shops for groceries, see a film at the cinema, go out to a restaurant to eat – Wednesday’s your best day; because nobody else is there.  Why not?  What’s wrong with Wednesday?

My friend Tom Cullinan says you get on better in life if you want what no-one else wants.  When I was studying at York University at the age of eighteen, I quickly discovered that going to bed early and getting up early was brilliant – it was like living on campus by yourself.  Since those days I have treasured the early morning as a workplace where no-one else is.

To live frugally, effectively and peacefully: choose what’s out of fashion, go to bed at 9pm, start work at 5.30am, if you want to lunch out arrive at 11.45am, and only go into town on a Wednesday.


365 366 Day 179 – Wednesday June 27th
(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

Smart jacket.  I think wherever I am now, ‘smart’ does not apply.  I’m not sure that in the US ‘smart’ means the same as it does in the UK – stylish, formally elegant . . . 

365 366 Day 178 – Tuesday June 26th

I was pleased with this. For ages I’d been putting off going through my needle-case and sorting out the needles that had gone a bit rusty.  I had too many anyway – they accumulate, goodness knows how!  I don’t remember buying any.  They just arrive.  I sent some off in a Freecycle craft kit, kept some, and these were the ones that needed to be moved on to the Great Needle-case in the Sky.


Penny said...

"Only go to town on a Wednesday" - I liked that.

Ember said...

Good one, isn't it! :0) x

Julie B. said...

That's so interesting - I'm not sure I've noticed that here. I know people call Wednesday "hump day," as it's the mid-part of the work week, i.e. getting over the hump. Our Wednesdays vary, but today for us, Wednesday means going to buy dog food, pick up prescriptions, taking a Foster to a lab appt to have blood drawn, and making tacos for dinner with homemade pico de gallo. And perhaps sitting out on the front deck reading and watching the ships go by. xxoo

Ember said...

:0) I've been cooking gooseberries, using up all the sugar to make them edible, inadvertently putting in too much water and ending up with them too sloppy. And now I'm wondering what to do with them as we are all too fat and REALLY should not be eating pies or crumbles or any other food laden with sugar, and nobody likes them on their own. Sigh. Feed them to the freezer?

Heather said...

It is so reassuring to find someone else on the planet who spends their life trying to avoid most people! I loved the quote about being most successful when we want what is unpopular with the rest. Will have to work on the getting up early bit though-not too good at this!!

Jules said...

that is a good idea!

Anonymous said...

looking at your picture, I see a beautiful woman. You look content and quite peaceful :)

I gave away all my 'smart' jackets also...just not there anymore :)


Ember said...

Hi Jules, hi Heather, hi Maria! Waving! xxx

Alice Y. said...

Aww, Pen. What you write is so lovely. Someone wrote to me recently - "It's when the crazy world thinks you're crazy that you know you're on the right track".

Wimmera said...

For me:

the observance of the Wednesday fast (bread and fruit or walnuts)

Ember said...

Hi Alice - yes; Wednesday, the new Saturday! x

Hi Wimmera - now I had the most delicious walnuts recently, and I just can't remember where I got them . . . ah, yes, great English tradition - Marks & Spencer! God bless your fasting; it's a powerful form of prayer, moves things along amazingly. x