Sunday, 3 June 2012

 Sunday morning.

Today, the Badger is preaching at church, and I am looking forward to hearing him.  I’m proud of my husband.  He’s a good man.

Time to get up and cook some porridge, start the day.

Later on today is the wonderful flotilla of boats along the Thames to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  I love our queen, and so admire and respect her.  It’s chill and overcast – I hope it doesn’t rain for them!

Then this evening our family is singing in a concert – another jubilee celebration.  And Hebe cut the letters and shaping in the stone they have laid in the special flowerbed at Battle to mark the jubilee.  I’ll try to get a photo of it to show you.  It was a bit of a scramble!  Every day she was cutting as fast as she could, then they rushed the stone across to Battle to fix it in place in time for the dedication ceremony.  Alice helped with the design and finishing off the letters – painting or gilding, I can’t remember which they said.

Now Alice is working on the glass panel for our Carmelite friends at Thorganby – at Thicket Priory.  It’s of St Joseph, because of his kindness and his silence, nurturing and protecting the Word; and it’s going to be so beautiful. 

And the garden is GROWING – I swear those potatoes put on two or three inches in one day!

God bless this Lord’s Day to you.  May you be happy today xxx


365 366 Day 155-160 – Sunday June 3rd - Friday June 8th

Five pairs of glasses!  Why I had so many was because I used to be a minister of the church.  During the spell when I was pastor of six churches all at the same time, just after Bernard died, everything I was at, I was leading – meetings, worship, funerals, weddings.  I went through a patch of being really anxious lest I forgot my glasses and couldn't see to read the words of the liturgy/sermon notes etc.  So I made sure I had spare glasses in my car, my briefcase, the pulpits, by the phone, on my desk – everywhere!  Thank the Lord those days are gone.  The only remnant of them is this clutter.  Our optician collects unwanted glasses to send overseas where people are glad to have them - so I donated them there.


Bean said...

sounds like a great day.

Ember said...


Ganeida said...

I spent the Lord's Day doing assignments. ☺ That's the way it's going at present but seeing as the lad & I are going to the Friday evening service I figure we're all good. Have a blessed week.

Ember said...

And you, friend! x

Julie B. said...

I woke on Sunday with a resolve to make it a true day of rest, in spite of the unpacked boxes calling my name. When we couldn't find several needed things, that resolve flew out the window and I worked on unpacking all day.

Was Tony's message recorded? I would so love to hear it.


Ember said...

Actally even I didn't hear it because a) the PA system in our church is rubbish, and everything is blurred and boomy and the Badger talks at 90mph and b) I was involved in playing with a lively baby nearing the end of its stamina-for-church tether as its mother was looking a little weary by the time the sermon came. I'll email you his notes xxx

Anonymous said...

Every time I get new glasses, I donate the old ones...I know they are been put to good use.

Much love,


Ember said...

Hi Maria :0)
Yes, I think de-cluttering is helpful, but it's important to do it responsibly, not just chuck things in the bin. We've found the hardest bit here has not been parting from possessions but relocating them where they will be useful and appreciated. xx

Jules said...

how exciting to be able to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee! I would love to be in England!

Ember said...

Oh, it was wonderful! I am so proud of our Queen :0)

Buzzfloyd said...

The Wretched Wretch is "reading" your blog (ie scrolling up and down looking for pictures). He wants to say, "Hello!" and to ask for more pictures of Mumble.

Ember said...

Waving, Wretched Wretch! More pics will be posted :0) xxx