Wednesday, 22 May 2019

A message from a cat

Animals don't have computers or even pen and paper (obviously) but they can still communicate with you.

I love how our even seagulls, who seem to be perpetually STARVING, still have the grace and forbearance to hold back while I set down their dish on top of the wood store before they tuck into their supper. And they wait politely on the woodstore for their portion if I am feeding the crow somewhere else in the garden (though occasionally jealousies and squabbles do break out).

And our fox leaves prominently located droppings in case we were in any doubt a fox had been by and found the supper put out. The birds also leave their droppings when they've been on the feeder. And of course our plants are fed by (properly inoculated) humanure and pee and the water from soaking monthly courses cloths, so all the creatures that come by can read all the information like a newspaper and know exactly who lives here and what is the state of their health and attitudes.

Every morning now, for my breakfast, I have organic probiotic yoghourt and nuts and blueberries. I make sure to leave a generous scraping of yoghurt around the bowl for our cat Ted, who likes it especially and looks forward to it now.

Ted is the white one.

Here he is.

This morning, he was waiting hopefully for his yoghurt, watching us fixedly for some while, but we were moving furniture around so I ate my breakfast late, and by the time I came on to eating it he'd gone off to sunbathe on the stone flags of next door's garden. But I kept back his yoghourt bowl to lick out, and put it down for him when he came back home.

Evidently he enjoyed it, and affixed his own thank-you to the dish.


BLD in MT said...

Ah, the richness of our lives with animal companions and visitors. Bless you and yours, Pen! Both of our cats have plenty to say on the daily. Johnny can say so much with just her eyes. I love being able to communicate with them so readily, since I know them so well, but you're right--all the critters are telling us their stories.

(And can I just oooooooh and ahhhhhhhh over that bright blanket once again! It gets me every time.)

Pen Wilcock said...

Yes — and every time I see *anything* tie-dyed, I think, "Beth . . . "