Sunday, 26 May 2019

Mama's Healing Salve

I wonder if you've come across Mama's Healing Salve? If you have, you'll know it's brilliant, if you haven't I'd like to tell you about it.

There's something I need to explain first. As part of my discipline of humilis and simplicity, I don't monetise my blog at all, nor use it as a channel for advertising. I sometimes tell you about books my friends have written, and very occasionally invite a friend to write a guest post if they have something important to communicate that I think they can express better than I will (and anyway it's their idea). And I sometimes tell you about something that's really good — because it's worthwhile, not because I'm marketing something.

So I'm telling you about Mama's Healing Salve for a variety of reasons (as you'll see), but not to exploit you for some undeclared motive to do with sales. And the woman who makes the salve doesn't know I'm writing this and so far as I know never reads my blog. It's just good stuff so I thought you'd be interested in it.

That's got that out of the way, then. Okay.

If you are on Facebook, you can find Mama's Healing Salve here. I no longer have a Facebook account, so I can't take you any deeper into the information you can find there, as I'd have to join up to do so. 

Mama's Healing Salve is so called because that's exactly what it is. It's not some cutesy name to give a false impression — like "Mary's Tea Shop" where it turns out that Mary is in fact a man called Mohammed Iqbal or something. It is a salve that really does heal — fast — and it is made by a woman who sees herself as Mama because she has spent her life caring for her family.

This is the Mama in question —

 She's called Leslie Ainsworth, and she lives in Keene, Texas.

Though I don't have full access to the Facebook page, I do have a leaflet she sent me with a basketful of her wonderful products that she gave me (what a wonderful gift) last summer. I first came across her through Plain-dressing friends online, and loved her immediately. She is gentle and kind and patient and persevering. She has great inner strength. She is truthful and responsible. 

Sometimes in the modern world it can be difficult to know where the stuff comes from that you buy. To have the opportunity where I know the actual woman who made the salve, and understand what she's like and how she goes about it, is very precious to me. Leslie grows and wild-crafts some of what goes into her salve. The whole enterprise and the stuff itself is very trustworthy — and this is not just a money-spinner, she's really interested in health and healing, and modifies and improves as new possibilities occur to her.

I've photographed for you the different sections of the leaflet. Here they are.

Leslie explains the basis of the salve: all good stuff, nothing weird or dodgy —

She tells you how her business came about —

She explains the process of making everything —

She gives a list of what she makes (that's her with her family in the picture; you can see why she refers to herself as "Mama"!) —

She explains what the things are and how much they cost —

She tells you how to order what you would like to buy —

The herbal sanitiser, I also occasionally use for deodorant as a change from my regular lavender oil. The herbal salve heals up wounds like magic, and is also brilliant for rough skin on the feet or for a nether regions lubricant.

I use these things constantly. They last well and I'm just coming to the end of the lovely basketful of goodies she sent me and planning to place an order for some more.

Lovely creations, lovely woman, lovely philosophy of life — faith, love and kindness. 


Jen Liminal Luminous said...

HAH! I have been looking for a herbal salve and an antiseptic spray!!! I like to buy from people I trust, or on a good recommendation.

How very funny! Thank you and thank you so much for sharing the healing your life videos too, I love that and I wish my life was more like that... I can't see how I'd ever get there with my circumstances being what they are! I did comment on the post, but I was on my mobile with dodgy reception

Oh I think you would like Katie Green's youtube channel, the Green Bean.

Pen Wilcock said...

Ooh! Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check that out. x

Sandra Ann said...

Loved the healing your life youtube and this lady and her business sound lovely, thank you for sharing x

Pen Wilcock said...

Hello, San! Waving! xx

Buzzfloyd said...

Rough skin on the feet, eh? *makes notes*

Pen Wilcock said...

You can put some on your feet next time you're this way.


Julie B. said...

There's nothing better than a recommendation like this. I am going shopping now... xoxo

Pen Wilcock said...

It is really good, Julie. Very effective.