Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh my goodness look at this - intriguing and delightful!

So interesting.  I’d like to try keeping fruit and vegetables as she suggests.
(I get buffering problems if I link from here but if I go straight to YouTube it's OK)

Also, friends, I though this and this well worth reading – and the whole site is really helpful and interesting.

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Hahaha!!  I have done it I have done it!!!!  Er . . . not "got rid of the fridge", nervous Badger up in Oxford - just made a sand thingy for the carrots and a combining box for apples and potatoes (we have only one apple at the mo).

And the things on the windowsill are things that don't like fridges.  I read that the enzyme that makes tomatoes tasty is killed off in a fridge.  

Sometimes, with a little shudder of compassion, my heart whispers, "You know, your children didn't ask to be born to someone as mad as you."

"THEY DID!" I reply stoutly.


365 366 Day 122 – Tuesday May 1st  
 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here) 

 Oh dear.  How embarrassing.  I never even opened it.


Sherry said...

Don't worry about it. You don't need it (the book that is). You are light-years ahead of the whole thing. It will only cause confusion and guilt!!!!!!

I am not ready for the no fridge thing, but congratulatons to you. Another milestone!!!

Ember said...

:0) We (our household) don't really need a fridge or a freezer. It's just all of us who live here grew up seeing fridge-freezers as essential, as if life would stop without them and the entire world would go mouldy.

Pilgrim said...

I think I got through one or two chapters of the book. Very boring.

Ember said...

Oh right - so I didn't miss much, then! :0D

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog - you provide such insight and links with helpful information.

regards wimmera

Ember said...

:0D Thank you wimmera! x

BLD in MT said...

This post sure made me smile! The book, your "madness," all of it. Awesome.

I was just reading about such food storage technique somewhere...where I don't recall. Makes sense to me. I really appreciate the storage relationship between the potatoes and the apples.

Ember said...

:0) hi Beth! Waving!! x

Rapunzel said...

Agreed, you don't need Covey. Read the book years ago. He teaches the skills for being a very particular type of person, and I found I didn't want to be that type. For some of us taking on the project of becoming "Highly
Effective" would be so far from our God-given nature it would be just entirely daft.
Thank you especially for the food storing info. I've lately been worried about our veg, and feelng the fridge is where forlorn veg go to die in privacy. I love the idea of having them out where we can see them and take better care of them.
I need to go move my apples and potatoes about three feet closer together.

Ember said...

:0) Hi Rapunzel - we have a fridge freezer - a really good super-efficient one. The fridge is cooled by cold air from the freezer. The dilemma now is that I think we have most of us reached the point where we wouldn't miss the fridge too much - our house is old, cold in winter and cool in summer. But the freezer is still necessary for some things important to some people in the house - chiefly vegan sausages and vegan icecream! And we can lose the fridge without losing the freezer. We shall see how things unfold . . .