Friday, 23 June 2017

Early morning

The newly risen sun is reflecting bright off the leaves of the greengage tree we planted so that I'd be able to see a tree when I looked out of the window in this urban street.

Ours is a quiet road - near the shops and a big intersection, but a cul-de-sac network of houses. We live near the end corner, so not so many vehicles come along here - except bus drivers looking for somewhere to park, because just across the way and a few yards along is the bus depot.

The air is fresh and there are no people about yet. But the buses start up early. Apart from a few random cars, their deep rumbling engines are the only sound in the early morning silence.

The sound of the bus engines is very like a recording I have of Buddhist monks chanting. Remarkably like it. 

We don't have geese (often) but we do have seagulls.

If I close my eyes I could think I was sitting by a monastery wall near a lake in Ladakh.

As Lao Tsu said, "Without going outside, you may know the whole world."

I suppose it does take a little imagination.


Anonymous said...

Love it!


rebecca said...

Ours is NOT a quiet road!
It requires little imagination to feel like I DO indeed know the whole world. :)

Pen Wilcock said...



Suze said...

Love it. I lived on one of Australia's busiest roads and I welcome the quietness we now have. With eight schools within a kilometre of us the early mornings and afternoons can be busy but roll on to the evening and weekend one can relax and enjoy the birds and even hear the train whistles at the train station that is three suburbs away

Pen Wilcock said...


Hello, Suze!

Yes, plenty goes on in our road, too. We likewise have several schools - though not as many as eight! - nearby, and some very noisy neighbours, with children who scream blue murder at times. But none of them have got going at 5 in the morning. They emerging yelling and arguing after breakfast. I expect they eat gunpowder and hot mustard.