Monday, 12 June 2017

Generosity found in sufficiency

I liked this post by Roland on Handcrafted Travellers, writing about knowing when you have enough and keeping that in balance with everyone else having enough. It's an interesting idea, not least because the sense of 'enough' must surely vary according to context and circumstances. When Maximilian Kolbe offered to take the place of a stranger in the line to the gas chambers at the concentration camp, he had travelled far enough in his spirit, he had lived enough and seen enough to have enough love to give his life away. When billionaires rake in more money by starting wars and cutting disability benefits, I suppose something is always starving in them - they do not know when they have enough.

I liked this picture from Roland's post, and the picture is also linkified to what he said.


Lynda said...

One of my favourite Bible verses!!
Along with Micah 6:8. xx

Pen Wilcock said...

Mine too! Another favourite is 1 John 3.2.

"Enough" is such an interesting concept! Knowing when we have enough - have eaten enough, talked enough, worked enough, accumulated enough - gosh, it would change the world if people could get an objective handle on that! x