Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A link to your blog?

In the side-bar are various lists with links out, including a list of links to blogs of friends who often come by here and comment. As time goes on, people stop blogging or change focus from one blog to another, so today I went through that list and deleted those where someone had stopped posting months or even years ago, or those where the link was no longer active.

If you are a regular reader here and your interests are in accord with what you read at Kindred of the Quiet Way, feel free to leave a comment letting me know about your blog, and if I think other readers will enjoy to explore it I'll add it to the link list.

This is an ad-free blog, so I don't post commercial links unless for an exceptional reason.


Pen Wilcock said...

Got your message, Jen - thanks - updated the Liminal Luminous link in the sidebar. x

Lynda said...

Nice to see I made the grade :)) xx

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh - I love your blog, Lynda x

Lynda said...

Aw shucks... Thanks Pen :) xx

Pen Wilcock said...