Friday, 8 May 2020

Set your house in order

Waking as the sunrise begins to fill the room with light, I am blessed by the consummate quiet of these days. 

Last night we sat out in the darkening garden watching the flower moon rising through the sky, so resplendent, so close to the earth.

This is the most spiritual time I have ever known. So many watchers and listeners are saying it is a portal, and so it seems to me. It's like the mother of all advents.

It's a challenger and a revealer and a winnower.

Over and again I feel it asking:

What matters to you?
What do you want?
What world will you shape by your choices?

And, insistently:

Are you ready?

Where my gaze will always fall on it as I wake up, the calligraphy on the wall of my room catches the morning light.

Set your house in order.

This kairos both reveals the state of things and offers us a chance — a last chance, I suspect — to set our house in order. There is work to be done that it is imperative we do not neglect.

What do you want?
Are you ready?
Set your house in order.


Bean said...

I most certainly feel that this pandemic time is changing the way we think about life. The changes are happening regardless of our readiness. I have experienced spiritual growth over the past couple of months, a time of acceptance, a time of thoughtfulness. It seems that spring is the very best season for all of this to have happened, as the world around us reawakens, my soul has reawakened. The world around us is blossoming, my spirit is blossoming.

Life is good. I feel nurtured, calm, sure of myself. I want life to remain simple, much less about consuming and much more about living life at a slowed down, reflective pace.

Peace be with you,


greta said...

yes, and i keep thinking about the words from your homily, 'where is the light shining on your path?' it is certainly a time of discernment and shifting priorities. my word these days is hesychia and that is what i am exploring in depth. keep your words coming. they are food for pondering.

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Bean — yes, I wholeheartedly agree the changes are happening regardless of our readiness. Perhaps one could see it as a ship setting sail. The time will come, and the ship will sail: but whether we were on board or not will make all the difference — not to the ship, but to ourselves, and to those we do or don't leave behind at this end or meet at the other end.
And maybe also the outcome will be different for all people, depending on how we choose in this time.

It's like that thing Stephen Gaskin said:
"You are this season's people.
There are no other people this season.
If you blow it, it's blown."

That's what it feels like to me.

But the way you are feeling tells me that, in this winnowing time, what is being revealed in your life is that the choices you have made in recent times have been true, right for you, choices of integrity. And you have made some big changes in the last few years — I think this time of revealing is showing this up as firm and good; that's why you feel as you do.
In my opinion. It is always true that everything I think could be entirely mistaken!! x

Pen Wilcock said...

Hi Greta — I had to look up "hesychia"!

[For anyone else unfamiliar with the word — the personification of silence}

How beautiful! An exploration like deep-sea diving, full of surprises and mystery. And maybe a whale . . .