Friday, 1 May 2020

The Metta Sutta

 . . . .   With the thought of light, I want to encompass the world
          And may this light extend to its four horizons
          And then, with the thought of light increasing beyond measure
          Let light encompass the whole Universe

The Metta Sutta (marked for chanting)

This is what shoùld be done by one who is skìlled in goodness…
…And who knows the páth of peace:

Let them be ab`le and upright, straightforward and gèntle in speech,
Humble and nót conceited, contented and easíly satisfied,

Unburdèned with duties // and frugal ìn their ways;
Peaceful and calm and wíse and skilful, not proud and demandíng in nature.

Let them not do the slìghtest thing that the wise would latèr reprove;
Wishing: in gladness and ín safety, may all beings bé at ease.

Whatever living beings thère may be;
Whether they are weak or strong, omìtting none,
The great ór the mighty, // medium, shórt or small;

The seen and thè unseen, those living near and fàr away,
Those born and tó-be-born – // may all beings bé at ease!

Let none decèive another, // nor despise any being in àny state.
Let none through anger ór ill-will // wish harm upón another.

Even as a mother protects wìth her life // her child, her ònly child,
So with a bóundless heart // should one cherish all líving beings:

Radiàting kindness // over the entìre world:
Spreading upwards tó the skies, // and downwards tó the depths;

Outwards ànd unbounded, // freed from hatred ànd ill-will.
Whether standíng or walking, // seated or lýing down,

Free from dròwsiness, // one should sustain this rècollection.
This is sáid to be // the sublíme abiding.

By not holding tò fixed views, // the pure-hearted one, having clarit`y of vision,
Being freed from all sénse desires, is not born again intó this world.


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