Sunday, 21 June 2020

Campfire Church ministry of the word from today ~ PORTALS


greta said...

thank you! this was so strengthening and gave me a good push forward into the next few months, setting my intentions for loving unity. what a nice weaving you did of both the celtic and christian traditions. they seem to blend so seamlessly although i'm sure it was tricky and delicate work to get to such a harmonious union. they do mesh well, don't they?

i've found myself in the midst of a medical maelstrom lately, all manner of appointments and tests and, finally, some surgery and a biopsy on july 1st. i've felt quite sorry for myself at points but am coming round to the idea that everything that is happening in my life is, as a dear friend once put it, 'the soul's appointed means of growth.' knowing that i am surrounded and loved by friends and family, walking in company with all the kindred gathered here gives me strength. thank you and bless you for your words and prayers!

Pen Wilcock said...

Oh, Greta! Make sure (if you can) somehow to let us know how things are going along. You have my email address, don't you?

We will pray for you in The Campfire Church on Sunday.

Without minimising anything, and understanding that some people do go through truly horrific circumstances, I think it is true that if one can somehow take responsibility for one's inner world and being, then the outer world with whatever is happening to one's physical being, is easier to cope with.

I once had the privilege of going to a conference where the speaker was John Wimber, a man with a tremendous ministry of healing. He said so many wise and wonderful things, and in one address talked to us about his own experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment. He had to go into one of those full body scanners, and he told us he was afraid, but Jesus was with him. "I was scared," he said, "but Jesus was terrified." Still makes me smile.

May you be peaceful and calm, may all go well, and may the Holy Spirit so direct things that you have the very best physicians, surgeon, and nursing staff.

I bless you with the love of the Lord.

greta said...

oh, pen, this is wonderful. first, thank you (and everyone gathered here) for the love and prayers. they are deeply needed and appreciated. it brings joy to my heart. i have a battery of tests this morning so this was just what i needed to hear as i am slightly apprehensive (can't answer for Jesus though!) the john wimber quote made me burst out laughing, which was the best medicine ever. i'm still cracking up just thinking about it.

yes, to what you said about the inner world. the Blessed Mother and i are hard at work on that. on the wall, just across from my bed, hangs a lovely painting of the annunciation. it was done by br. phillipe of taizé and shows the angel offering mary a dove. she is pondering whether of not to accept. as we know, she does. her 'fiat' reminds me every day to say yes to whatever life brings, knowing that it comes straight from the hands of our gentle God, even when the way is difficult and dark.

deepest thanks and bows to you for sharing your wisdom, your kindness and your compassion. may you be blessed today and always.

almost forgot, yes, i do have your e-mail address. COVID test here on friday. lucky me.

Pen Wilcock said...

Thinking of you! xx